Meet Luisa.

Meet Adam.

Adam & Luisa are Movers and Shakers of the Coachella Valley.
And here’s is a little story about them.

I met Luisa through Myspace. It was about a year ago or so. I had this message in my Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Inbox from a girl whose “Location” read San Francisco. Hmmm… okay, so, my blog is about the desert, but I guess I had readers in SF? I was intrigued. As I read her message, Luisa informed me that she and her boyfriend were from the Coachella Valley, were currently living in San Francisco, had creative careers, and were planning on moving back to the valley. She had hit me up because she liked my site and was actually excited to return home to embark in a new creative journey. To get involved in the art community was their mission.
A couple of months later, this was in Summer, I met Luisa and Adam at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Luisa had just written me a letter that they had moved into town and was going to be attending the first Short Bus Sunday (the one Sol District played at). I was too, so we decided to finally meet up. She had told me in these Myspace conversations prior to meeting that she had worked in the fashion industry up in SF, did some fashion photography work, and wanted to do a little pop-up photo booth shoot at Ace for that afternoon…

And that’s how I met them.
And that’s how I know them today. Adam & Luisa are movers and shakers amongst the younger art community. Known for their guerrilla antics of setting up a photo shoot wherever they go. Small venue – no problem. Crowded party – whatever. Outdoors – no sweat. It’s like that.
They are so punk rock with it.
For example, I hit up Luisa last week, told it was going to be Fashion Week this week, and within a matter of like 3 days she had sent me 3 links to 3 different photo shoots. That kind of turn-a-round is a head turner, for sure. And an eyebrow raiser, at that.
Their work is solid. So, I thought you guys (my readers) might want to know…
who are Adam Moore and Luisa Marielli?

CVAS: Let’s start with a topic that I am always curious to know about – collaborating. Photo credits are always Adam Moore & Luisa Marielli. What exactly does that mean? Who does what and how does that work out?
Luisa: Adam and I work off each other. There will be time when one of us has a major “vision” and we back the other one to create what we see. Other times, we just make it up as we go! But it’s always a collaboration. I trust his eye, and he trusts my judgement.

We do each have our own hobbies, though. He loves Sports/Action and he rocks at that on his own. His skate photos are amazing. They definitely inspire me! As a matter of fact, he is the one that got me into Photography. He had been shooting since High School, and gotten his work into group shows and all.

CVAS: So, where are you guys from?

Adam was born/raised here in Palm Desert. Its funny, he has shown me OLD school skate photos he took here in the desert and I can’t help but crack up seeing all these skaters pre-pubescent in their Ramones tees.
I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, but grew up in Palm Desert.

CVAS: So, tell me a little about styling these photo shoots…

As far as photography, I love shooting people in their environments, and even creating situations through the styling, light, and set for the shoot. My background is in Fashion Merchandising. That’s what I studied out in San Francisco, and it opened my eyes like nothing else; when I realized you could make a living off what you love. While in SF, I was working as a Rep and Merchandiser for Herve Leger. I had a good deal of freedom in visually merchandising the showroom, and worked as a stylist for the brands customers. It was crazy, my boss was hardcore about fashion. Every week he would tell me to take a create 10 unique outfits within an hour, for every occasion, find a model, and shoot it. I got to be as crazy creative with them as I wanted.
Nowadays, I really like styling people according to what they are about. In a way, I collaborate with them in creating outfits, helping and guiding them to wear what they truly wish they could. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t live your own myth, you know? If I get the vibe that you are into the Western Cowboy look, hell yeah I’m going to push you to wear some chaps for the hell of it! Most importantly, I want to put an outfit on someone and have them feel excited about how they look and they reactions they get. It’s a pump of confidence. “And confidence is a stain you cant wipe off.” – words of Lil’ Wayne

CVAS: Awesome. Before we get any further, let’s take it back to the basics. I want to know, who inspires you guys? Particularly, when it comes to photography and fashion?

ADAM: When it comes to photography there is only one man: Atiba Jefferson. The Greatest. As far as fashion, Marc Jacobs is on another level. And Karl Lagerfeld is a pimp.
LUISA: Photography wise, I look to the classics: Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton for their precise eye, and quality of work. And Nick Knight, he is revolutionizing the fashion world! He, along with stylist/mag editor Nicola Formichetti, and before the sad passing of, Alexander McQueen, completely had the fashion world at their fingertips. (pppssstttt! copy, paste, google all these people, they are worthy!)

CVAS: So, taking a look around… what does the term, “Desert Fashion” mean to you? Describe it. Does it even exist?

ADAM: Yeah, we have that (Desert Fashion) too. What’s it about? Copying everything you see.
LUISA: Yeah, the way i see it, it’s all about making the biggest statement in as little clothing as possible. Because of the weather, we really stick to the basics (jeans and a tee), so it comes down to the details: the tattoos, the hats, the jewelry, the SHOES! But beyond anything, it’s the friendly, laid back attitudes that make it DESERT.

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