Sometimes we need a pair of special glasses to get the message.

Some need to have a prescription, some need two different colored lens, and more often then not… all you have to do is crack the code.
This weekend the desert sends off smoke signals to nearby cities and states. We have a message floating above us…
and it’s up to you/them to break down the code.
Intertwined between these posts, these images, these people, the message lingers…
This is not the Matrix, this is the Coachella Valley’s art scene.
The breakdown…
Anytime NY enters CA, it’s always a good thing. One needs the others energy, whether chill or fast-paced.
Hip Hop doesn’t stop, doesn’t die, and lives on in the Coachella Valley.
We all know this is going to be nuts. Get ready for chaos, confusion, and cookies.


I know J Dee’s isn’t a place where we linger and longer, but… we support Revol Concept and all the artists that still go there. Plus, I don’t see any other events going on around town that night.
Do any “numbers” people read this blog? Or is just all “right brainers”? For all the numbers people, I got the bottom flyer for you… and for all the people who can read smoke signals… the top one is for you.
A solid lineup. A solid color green. A solid flyer, made by Adam Moore. Do we need to say more?


This Wednesday… come support your local hip hop scene…

Thank you for your support, of course. Without you, there’s no me. Computer love is real. realer than you think. No, but really… thank you all for your support, I appreciate it. email me some love letters,