Anyone out there notice that today is 3.3.3. ?

Yes, it is.
Add it up.
The month is March = 3
The day is the 30th = (adds up to) 3
And the year is 2010 = (adds up to) 3
In numerology, 3 is the number that is symbolic of the third dimension – we do things in threes so they will manifest our physical realm (example: birth, life, death). And did you know that the number 3 was the first number that the definition of “all” was given to?
The number three is also used by magical genies that are famous/infamous for granting us 3 wishes.
And did you know that there are now modern day blog genies out there?
I just might be one of them.
This week I test my blog genie powers and see how many wishes I can grant on my site. Looking for a recap that you haven’t seen? Some Commercial Breaks that are past their due dates? Some Coachella coverage?
Just rub your computer screen three times and chant with me now…

1. The Date Farmers New Studio in Los Angeles. So, maybe 2 weeks back (my how time flies), we celebrated the end of a Date Farmer Art Studio era out here in the desert. Many doubted the depart. Well, just this past week I went to go visit the guys and took some photos and video while I was there. This place is 3 times the size their Indio, CA art studio. I’m excited to share with you what all that celebration was about. Congrats guys.

2. Spring Break. Some outta towners might be making some noise this weekend, that’s cool with me. Check out what we recommend for Spring Break 2010, baby.

3. Photo Festival all the Week at the PSAM. I know there are a ton of photographers out there, so you all should go check this out. This week the Palm Springs Art Museum celebrates the art of photography and asks for your hand in the ceremony. Come join them and get the schedule to the festival right here.

4. Fine Arts Creativity Awards. Speaking of the Palm Springs Art Museum, this Friday they will be giving out awards and scholarships to the top College of the Desert art students. More info in just a bit.

5. Coachella 2010 Countdown. Are you excited for Coachella? Do I really even need to ask that question? Of course you are! Of course we are too!! Last year the Coachella Valley Art Scene did a 10 year Anniversary breakdown of the past 10 years of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This year, we are switching up the game and focusing more on the art installations that have graced our presence over the years. The “look” of Coachella, if you must. And, for all those that haven’t been following the blog for a year, I will be giving links and possibly reposting some of the recap that I did last year.

6. Commercial Break. The egg is ready to hatch. For the past couple weeks I have been compiling and doing some research on some local kids around the desert community who make comedic sketches. I got some good material. So, sounds like it’s going to be a Comedic Commercial Break.

7. Randoms. You never know what might attract my eye… that’s all I gotta say about that.

8. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The party does stop, it’s just one prepping for the next one. It’s amazing to see everyone step up to the plate. Batters up… and there’s no losers on our team.

Anything I should mention that I don’t have listed here? Email me….