This is what we celebrated a couple weeks back for. This is their new Art Studio off La Cienega in Los Angeles. This place is huge. About 3 times, maybe bigger, than their old studio in Indio.

Armando Lerma of the Date Farmers sits at his new desk in his brand new studio in LA. The walls are empty, the possibilities are unlimited at this point.
Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez of the Date Farmers talk to their little brother and personal sound selector, DJ Alf Alpha. Note, the art on the wall is not the Date Farmers, that was left by the last people who owned the space.
The hallway to the kitchen, the bathroom (with shower), a secret room, and another back art studio room.
The back art production room.
Yes, they do have a front office. the Date Farmers Corporate Headquarters! Gotta love it. It’s pretty funny.

The guys are busy making art…. don’t trip.
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