When we say Maya is getting “trashed”,

we don’t mean… “crunk”,

we mean she’s getting all “artsy fartsy” on us.

Maya Kalabic is a local artist from the Coachella Valley. Recently, she heard about the Global Inheritance art contest to design the recycle bins that are placed all throughout the concert venue and decided to give it a shot. To much of Maya’s surprise – her dream came true. This weekend Maya’s personal art piece (aka recycle bin) will be featured on the music festival’s main grounds and will be passed by, looked at, and interactive with by possibly 65,000 people a day.

These artist designed recycle bins have been going on for some time now at Coachella Fest and are a huge hit, a staple to the music festival, if you must. They are truly the small pieces of art that concert goers know to expect and look forward to every year. Recycling your trash never looked so sexy and so… how do you say… interactive installation art-ish.

You can imagine how happy we (the Coachella Valley Art Scene) were when we heard that a (friend and) Coachella Valley native was going to have their own piece of art out on the main field. We had to get the whole story from Maya and share it with you. Because, if you walked by Maya’s piece of art and didn’t know that a local did that piece of work – that would be such a shame.

In fact, when you are at Coachella this year we challenge you to find Maya’s trash can! If you find it, and take a photo with it, we will give you a FREE Coachella Valley Art Scene t-shirt! Email us the photo, or tag us in the photo on Facebook and we will take it from there.

So, how did Maya get the sweet gig? What did she have to do to get this? What’s it all about? Ask and look no further my friends… without further ado I present to you an interview between the CVAS blog and the lovely, Maya Kalabic…

Name: Maya

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in former Yugoslavia. My family migrated to US in 1996.

I have been a resident of Coachella Valley for several years.

What are your experiences with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival? Have you been before? What did you think about the art? music? people? overall experience… etc etc…

Yes I attended the festival few times and love it of course. It’s a very progressive and amazingly organized event with so much to offer for all generations attending.

How did you hear about the TRASHed@ Coachella trash can art contest in the first place?

My friend Lou told me about it and encouraged me to sign up for it. After some hesitation I sent a link of my portfolio to Global Inheritance and really didn’t expect anything. Then they notified me as one of 26 selected artists out of thousands of submissions and that was a total shock that needed some time to sink in.

Tell me a little bit about your trash cans. Starting with the small one, your sample one. Can you explain your concept? Your reason for colors? Art mediums? Etc etc… And can you tell me why this mini one is different than your official large one?

Global Inheritance sent me a mini trash bin to design to support THINK BIG exhibit that also takes place at Coachella. It is only 6 inches tall literally mini one in comparison to a 64 gallon one.

Now, about your large one… can you explain to me the concept for the drawings, the characters, how everyone is holding hands. Why did you choose the colors that you chose? etc etc etc…

I bought a 64 gallon trash bin at Home Depot and started planning, sketching then painting. I used my characters all around and united for a social change and the activism that is Global Inheritance’s purpose for this project. On the top lid I have a word “recycling” written in dozen different languages that makes it international message with a creative way to communicate a positive action. For both bins I used acrylics.

So, your trash can was featured in the Global Inheritance art show in LA this past weekend, correct? Does this means it’s officially going to be on the Polo Fields the weekend of the 16th – 19th?

Yes, it’s very exciting and I am looking forward to meeting other artists that participated and seeing their creative super bins before their arrival to the Polo Fields.

How does it feel to know that your art will be looked at and interacting with 65,000+ people?!?

Oh it’s fantastic. I am lucky. It’s the biggest exposure for my art I could have ever imagined.

Can you describe your art, all the different mediums (paint/graphic design/web design…), what Maya Kalabic is famous for?

I went to Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago where I got my BA of Fine Arts and a major in multimedia and graphics. I have about 10 years experience in this field. I work as a flash animator and in free time I paint and do other fun art projects.

Aside from your TRASHed @ Coachella, what other artistic projects are you working on?

I recently finished a piece for a themed show at the 4Art Inc. Gallery in Chicago where I am showing some more work and about to start some collaborations with a couple of international artists.

If someone would like to purchase your art, how should they a hold of you? contact info…

My work is at m modern gallery in Palm Springs. They are open every day 11-5pm. My website is www.mayakalabic.com & my shop www.ANIMACIA.etsy.com or just contact me directly through my site.

Paintings by Maya Kalabic.

Maya’s sample (mini) Trash Can that got her nominated in the TRASHed race.

Flyer to the Los Angeles art show that Global Inheritance hosted for all their TRASHed artists. Maya’s trash can was included in the show.

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