Wanna know where the Coachella Valley Art Scene will be kicking it at Coachella?
Check the campgrounds.
(check it out! there we are!)

here is what the text reads:


Create, share, and prosper at The Coachella Art Studios.
Be a mover and create a shaker or play muse to a makeover crew.
The Coachella Valley Art Scene presents a whole list of free D.I.Y.
arts and crafts ready for your creative vision. Ever want to make your own zine, work with a hammer and nails, or be a fashion designer?
It’s all ready for you, centrally located in the campgrounds next to
the general store, from 10am-1pm. And for all you who are naturally nocturnal, join our Midnight Craftsters, after the show from 12am-2am.
For all Studio details CLICK HERE

to see all this excitement for yourself, please visit:

Now we gotta get off the computer and start to get to work!
We will be having a huge, super huge, recap on our Art Studios if not next week, the week following. Takes some time to soak it all in, you know?
See you at the show!…