An Art Epicenter in Indio Invites You with Open Arms.

The Coachella Valley has long awaited for The Arts at Context to open, before we even knew about it. The concept for such a facility has been lingering in the minds of the creative for some time now. An idea for a place where people can come and create in a communal space was once upon a dream…. but is now, finally, a reality.
This Friday, The Arts at Context invites us all to a soft opening, a glimpse at what is to come for the future of the desert’s art community. At the moment, artists: Ronnie Alvarez, Adrien Balogh, Ryan Cambell, Cristopher Cichocki, Kimberly Nichols, Jan O’Connell, and Nikki Resiman have studio space set up and ready for you to view (and drool over). But this soft opening isn’t just a studio space showcase, it will also feature a retrospective on world renowned celebrity photographer, Bill Kobrin, in the main front room art gallery. Kobrin is considered to be one of the leading figures in the relatively new field of “celebrity photojournalism.” His most famous piece, Marilyn Monroe’s “skirt blowing scene”, will be one of the many highlights and attractions to the event.
Also, make sure to keep an eye out for a very large film production studio. This studio will be available to youth and also to high end commercial and video production. More detail on the studio will be available this Friday at the show. A majority of the film studio will be up and ready to go… just look for the large green screen!
A couple of things to envision (…use your creativity, folks!) while you are at The Arts at Context this Friday is art studio space for every High School and College. (how gnarly, right?!?) Studio spaces for each school are projected to come to fruition in the near future.
Also, when you’re walking around… look for a young lady by the name of Sarah who will be wearing a black “The Coachella Valley Art Scene” t-shirt. That will be me. We can talk about everything the blog has been up to and the future home to our first office space! Yes, the Coachella Valley Art Scene is ran from your local coffee shop – but no more. We will soon have a headquarters located in the Arts at Complex… as we are a proud organization under the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance.
I could go on and on… as there is so much to say and so much excitement in the air, but alas, I gotta cut it short. This is a blog you know….
All I gotta say is meet me there:
Arts at Context
82850 Miles Ave
Indio, CA 92201
Soft Opening, this Friday evening