First and foremost, I’m not going to even attempt getting all “Ruth Seymour” on you… but, I am going to just say (one time, not a million times) that a little donation to the Coachella Valley Art Scene can go a long way. It’s that time of year when I plan to do a couple of really big productions for the community and could really use some extra $$$$ to get the projects going (and make sure they get done). Here is a list of just a few projects that I have in store (other ones are more secret):

* The Coachella Valley Art Scene 2 Year Anniversary Party! – yes, it has been two years in the blogging world, and we plan to keep it going. to celebrate all the success, the art community transforming, and development we are going to have a community celebration that will peak into the future of what we want to go forward with. this, of course, will cost money for us to have a party big enough to hold about 500-600 people. any $$ would be great
* Print Publication. i am a blogger, but i am a huge fan of print publications. from words in ink, to formats, to texture of paper…. the whole production is truly an art form in my eyes. i am sad to see so many go down, but i would like to start one up…. Coachella Valley Art Scene style. either a one time (2 year anniversary) edition, and if successful possibly a quarterly. So, if you could donation some $$$ for this project, or even paper, printer, etc that would be awesome!! I already got the layout and concept ready to go..
* Documentary/Podcast Projects. – i have many idea for short film documentaries on desert culture, but I need just a few $$$ to pay for some film editing and better equipment

I figure, if KCRW has donation drives, I should be able to have my own as well. The Coachella Valley Art Scene is a branch off of the local arts non-profit, the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance. So, just in case you were wondering if we are legit or not – we are. Haha. But, really, money is something I rather not have to deal with, but is truly a reality to the development of this blog.
It’s kinda like if you read a newspaper everyday…. you can either steal a messy, already read one off the Starbucks tables, or you can pay .75 cents and support some of the journalists out there and have a fresh newspaper all ready for you to pick your way through. I much rather go with the fresh newspaper.

Attempting to live the life of an young, independent arts journalist is an tuff one. Make the decision to help develop this website and your art community an easy one.

Donations are beautiful.


If you would like to donate a large amount, please email me and I can give you more information on how you can receive a tax write-off!

*side note: I love and am inspired by Ruth Seymour