I’m listening to this song right now, it’s Just Ice’s Back to the Old School and I thought I’d share it with you all.

It’s scratch heavy. Clap heavy. Cut heavy. And real, real FUNKY.
Anyways, beyond what we listen to over here at the Coachella Valley Art Scene headquarters to get inspired to is a whole other post. And we’d rather just not even go there….
However, there is a place where we would like to take you to… and that would be where the parties are at this weekend.
Something is in the air in terms of what is going down this entire week, and that’s Hip Hop, my friends. This weekend is just an extension of this week’s blog posts… it’s like the turned up, interactive extension.
So, turn it up and turn it all the way up.
The parties are few and far between… but I am assuming that is because you guys went ALL OUT for Cinco de Mayo and are recovering from a mid week mayhem.
If you know about an event that I do not have posted, hit me up on Facebook or Myspace as soon as you can.
And for those somewhat curious as to what’s bangin‘ in our eardrums as we type away…. hear you go…

reunited and it feels soooo goooooooooood…..
you know this is gonna be crazy.
going to be in LA? support johhny is you do.
hip hop lives on. this is a mega mega show. with a mega mega lineup. word. to yo art scene.

Saturday nigh the desert sleeps, and that is because they rest their head for this Tuesday night art gathering. Awakening Solstice is the name and a creative writing showcase is the game. Come one, come all.


next thursday at space 120… get ready…

Today is Thursday and usually that means we don’t blog for the rest of the week, but that’s not the case. Stay tuned into the program for more updates coming from us tomorrow, and possibly Saturday. Okay, maybe not Saturday. Saturday and Sunday are my “no computer use at all” days. Bloggers need those. But anyways, thank you to everyone who supports the Coachella Valley Art Scene – we support you 110% right back. You got mine, I got yours. Word. Have a great weekend and enjoy the show…. email me with info: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com