Album Drop:

Jay Curry’s Vol. 1

I gotta get something of my chest really quick before I even get into do this whole “album review” mumbo jumbo. Thing I want to say is that I am really, truly impressed with this younger generation of musicians right now… and I’m talking about all those kids under 20 years old who are really doing it. They are finding time to experiment and create, taking the incentive to put it out there, and are our next generation of creative entrepreneurs. I love it. It excites and inspires me.
Now… now… simmer down all you old fogies out there, don’t get it twisted… I love that old school stuff, I know my history…. but I am always looking at what the young kids are up to, always. Always looking for what’s next…
And on the subject of young kids that I ‘m listening to right now… Jay Curry comes to mind. Jay Curry is a young, 17 year old, Music Producer/MC hailing from the Coachella Valley who is still on his good grades grind in High School.
He most recently dropped his first solo album, Jay Curry Vol. 1, on the 1st of this month.
What I appreciate the most about Vol. 1 is that it is true to it’s environment. Meaning, this is music that is produced in and inspired by an environment that is very chill, low key, steady, and because of which it is at the same time safe as it is challenging to young folks…. this place of desire and destitute is the desert.
Some of my personal favorite Hip Hop producers from the Coachella Valley… DJ Day, Alf Alpha, Planet Lunch, DJ Odyssey… all have that somewhat similar distinct desert vibe to their sound. Capturing the essence of the vibes and rhythms of the desert; Down tempo. Dreamy. Deep. Definitely not “trendy” by any means, as the desert gives artists their space to create without being influenced and pressured by a big city and a big scene.
And maybe without even realizing this early in his development, Jay Curry gets that. And he’s true to it. Through his music he let’s you know who he is, and what he’s about. And you can’t ask for much more. He is a young hip hop incredible coming up in the sunny state. He’s got the chill beats. Some down tempo cuts. A few eclectic samples thrown in here and there. An album created by a young man that can be a subtle hint of where Southern California hip hop is heading… spiritual electronica. And I can certainly accept that.
If you are looking for something to chill under the shade with … to drive to… to make art to… Jay Curry’s got you taken care of.
My favorite track on the album is definitely #13. Caddilacs and Palm Trees (love the title (of course), also the sample). But, #10. Euphoria and #1. Lamina are a close 2nd and 3rd.
Next step for Jay Curry is some music video work to get a visual understanding of the man with the master plan…. and then on to Vol. 2.
Looking forward to watching the development of a young artist…. keeping doing your thing Jay Curry, we’re feeling it.

Artist Statement:
Well, damn…this is my very first beat tape. All the beats are pretty cool and trippy. I diddn’t really master the compositions all the way because i wanted to give that raw effect of some sort. Like, the way I put it is you should just leave as is….dont put more on there than you need to. …

… I’m no Just Blaze, or Dangermouse, but I feel that if you see perfection in your own eyes, it comes out as an art of your own to be appreciated by others in their own perception. I wan’t everyone to have a different outlook on this tape. …

… I am very proud of my self for actually pulling through with this cause im too much of a perfectionist and my own worst enemy lol. I tried to really diversify myself on this one. I felt i needed to push the envelope from the basic “hip-hop” producer and what not…all that jazz. I would like to thank Amadeuz for the tips, mastering, and help. I am looking forward to working with more people and meet new people throughout this process. Jay Curry Vol. 2 is now in the works. Thanks for downloading. Meh Chicks & Stuff.

Maybe this will get me women……..

Family Business….hello”

– Jay Curry

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