A cup of tea.
Some food for thought.
A night at the round table…
Marks Art Center provided a nutritious meal for the young art community of the Coachella Valley last Tuesday. Savory supplements such as the unveiling of The Common Good Zine 3, the open mic, the live bands, and the familiar faces left everyone feeling satisfied, full of inspiration, and craving the next Creative Writing Showcase.

Photographer, Luisa Marielli, provides us with portraits of some of the evening’s guests of honor and her perspective of the night…

“Something quite specially occurred this past Tuesday at the Creative Writing Showcase. People from all over the valley came to this one place, to share and experience what it is to be part of the desert art community. The intentions were to showcase and give writers, performers, musicians (and pretty much anyone with something to say) a microphone, audience and time slot to speak! I saw many familiar faces, met many interesting characters, and became a fan of quite a few (Michael Reyes gave us some damn good acoustic rhythms to sway to; the standout/closing act).

The spirits were high, and the good vibes all around- the kind you can’t fabricate. The creative juices flowed between the guests, and I know many creative seeds were set in place. If you missed the event, don’t fret– The Solstice Literary Magazine provides these events on a quarterly basis.

More photos can be seen here.”

– words by Luisa Marielli of www.ShootThemAll.com

*all photos provided by Luisa Marielli of www.ShootThemAll.com