It’s not everyday that you meet someone young that is not just “really into something” but they are by all definition passionate about it, and they actually do something to make it come to life.

Tonight in Palm Springs at Space 120, a passion becomes a reality. A reality takes form. And on June 6th it will finally will take it’s trip on the wild side.
More than 30 artists will be donating art to be auctioned off, more than 20 businesses have donated their products to give away, more than 5 musicians will be donating their time and energy, more than 100 people will be walking through the doors with cash in their hand to contribute.
To what exactly?…
To Juan Galvan’s passion: to raise AIDS awareness through biking the AIDS/LifeCycle Route this June 6th. The cycle starts in San Francisco on the 6th and 7 days later the cyclists end their route in Los Angeles on the 12th. Yes, that means they bike all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
For the past 3+ months Juan Galvan has been working diligently to raise the $3,000 to qualify him for the Route, and now he is finally here, the time has come.
Tonight will mark Galvan’s final attempt to bring a community together through music, art, and good company in an effort to support his cause. Every penny spent in the silent auction, raffle and donation fundraisers will go towards the AIDS Life Cycle 9, the L.A. gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.
And we are cheering him on all the way.
Here are a list of artists that will be auctioning off their art in a silent auction tonight. All proceeds will go towards Juan Galvan’s AIDS/Lifecycle Fund.
Information provided by Galvan’s event invite:

I am holding a silent auction and raffle for my final fundraiser for the AIDS Life Cycle 9. I have collected artworks from some of the best artist from all over the Coachella Valley (& bay area) to benefit the ALC9 (rider # 6087). I will also be auctioning off cycling gear from various companies from all over the US.
There will also be a $10 raffle for various services and gift cards provided by local businesses & restaurants.

Live Music From:
DJ Nagual & Set Below Sea Level
NASA Cat & Hi Ho Silver Away

Artist include :
Simbulan / DYNO / Griselda Lopez / SLACK / Omar Lopez / Daikon Eklectic / Maya Kalabic / Gonzalo Pinedo / Jessie Penprase / Nicole Hernandez / Kylie Knight / Carlos Munoz / Oscar Cervantes / ENFAMOUS ARTFORMS / Eduardo Valadez / Ken Foto / Sarah Gieger / Angela Kinley / Lisa Histrom / Sky’s Falling Art Kult / Cristopher Cichocki / Fivethousand Photography / Susan Evans / Alisa Acosta Puts / Luis Fausto / Baruch Prince / Silica Studios + many more

Sponsors Include :
Velocity USA / Bike Tires Direct / Transient Bags / Harlot Clothing / Joel’s Bicycle / Planet Bike / Knog / Fresh Out The Box / Epidemic Skate Shop / GOONS Clothing / Synergy Design / / Family Time Records / + many more

Raffle Prizes Provided by :
Aveda Alankara Salon / Aveda Chakra Salon / Papa Mario’s Pizzaria / Aspen Mill’s Bread Co. / Joel’s Bicycle / Bit Of Country / The Old Creek House / Tootie’s Texas Barbeque / Big Mama’s Soul Food / Sister’s Cupcake by Design / Margaritas’s / Super Cuts / Teriyaki Yogi / Bill’s Pizza / Pinnocchio In The Desert / Yogurt On Tap / Regal Cinema / Nature’s Health Food Market / Cafe Palette / Cinemark at The River / Sherman’s Deli / Trader Joe’s / + many more

Donations made will benefit the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation through the fundraising effort of Juan Galvan (#6087) The AIDS Life Cycle is a 7-day 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The monies raised through the annual AIDS Lifecycle event go towards funding services provided by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. ” – Juan Galvan

For more information visit

To read more about Juan aka Johnny aka 5000 Photography, make sure to check out our feature we did on him a while back:

the man himself, Juan Galvan!
* photo by Adam Moore

The official flyer to TONIGHT’s big event!!

we love ya Johnny!…

AIDS/Lifecycle_Silent Auction / Raffle & Fundraiser
Space 120
120 S Palm Canyon
Palm Springs, CA