I don’t want to sound too cheesy or anything… but, we got some real friendly neighbors that do some really cool stuff.

This weekend, our friendly neighbors in Riverside, CA are putting on an awesome DIY Arts and Music Festival that they like to call… Saturation Fest.
Saturation Fest is super rockin’. All kinds of arts event are featured from arts and crafts, zine making, large scale community art shows, live drum circles, bands, performances and parties… the list goes on.
Saturation Fest is super inspiring to me. I find how the Riverside community does in coming together to create a very cutting edge, punk rock, DIY festival mind blowing. I LOVE IT.
More power to them.
Because I am so inspired by this, and actually involved in curating one of the parties going on this weekend (featuring desert music acts such as: Alf Alpha, Slipping Into Darkness, and Nattlensake) I decided to make a big deal out of it and post it on the blog.
So check ‘yer out!:
The Saturation Fest Schedule

6PM-10PM Saturation 2010 Art Opening @ Back To The Grind (B2TG)
Art crammed into every nook and cranny with live performances by GM Phenom, RickyLove, Ninja Party, dirtRAID, and DEMONSLAYER. Visual art by:Andrew Salvador, Anna Quinonez, Vito Peralta, Nick Bahula, Dave Warner, Francisco Ayala, DE’BA Designs, Rick Rodriguez, Papermatez, Fritz Aragon, Elle Seven, Leora Lutz, Dan Nguyen, Sofia Burlo, Matthew Cory Anderson, Andrew Barsoum, LukeVicious, Matthew Flores, Magnolia May Mills, Nakita Hooper, Jesse Barlet, Pavel Acevedo.

7PM-9PM Rollin’ Deep (acoustic) @ The People’s Gallery
Open Studios + Full Sets from:Tom Olive, Jon Harvey & Dan Coffman. Short Performances by Sir William, Adam Robsen, Ivan Alcon and many, many more.

7PM-9PM PICKLE JAM (contemporary performance with UCR Gluck) @ Relish
Chelsea Rose: poetry; Pituitary Abattoir: Experimental Modern Gamelan; 20th century atonal music “Songs from Letters” with Dalzell and Payne; and folk-noise with Aaron Roche

9PM – 2AM ZAPP Thursdays @ Mission Tobacco Lounge
Sunshine Factory, Matt Coleman and Chad Villareal (Mustard), Polar X, Phoenix and the Turtle, and The Murky Water District


5PM-11PM Visions of Tio’s Tacos @ Tio’s Tacos
5-6 pm. Tio’s Tacos owner Martin will give tours of the renown art environment he has created at the site.
6-7 p.m. Dancing performance by Riverside Ballet Folklorico.
7-8:30 p.m. Music by Milpa and Seven Days Ahead.
9-11 p.m. Showing of the movie
Mad Max.

***** the Coachella Valley Art Scene sponsored event!!*******
7PM-11PM Bitch, Please! (hip hop and rock ‘n’ roll dance party) @ B2TG
featuring Bob & Lisa (of teh Bell rays), Afta-1, Alf Alpha, SPEAK!, Slipping Into Darkness, and Nattlesnake. Free DIY crafts from Tentu. party brought to you by: The Coachella Valley Art Scene, EastofLA.com, and Applebird.org
***** the Coachella Valley Art Scene sponsored event!!*******

10PM-2AM The Flux (rock) @ Worthington’s
Clone Hero, Park, Perrla


12PM-4PM BloodOrange InfoShop/Freeschool Workshops @ Back To The Grind
Immersed in a society that teaches its citizens to equate “culture” with “consumption,” Saturation Fest will hold workshops that promote culture as participation. The purposes of Saturation’s DIY Workshops are for its participants to share skills and knowledge, to encourage participation and action, and to highlight the ingenuity, creativity, and independent spirit of local artists and teachers. Workshop topics: Composting, Meditation, Crochet, Intro to Eco-sanitation and T-Shirt Transformation.

Compost and Eco Sanitation: With Ula Chrobak @ Noon (in the Back to the Grind parking lot)
Crochet: With Brianna Meli 1pm
T-Shirt Transformation: With Jenna Craig @ 2pm (please bring your own scissors)
Meditation: With Gerald Panilla 3pm

Zines: Elliot Fong and Annie Knight 12-4 (at the RAM)

Homebrew: Brian Herbertson 3-6 (off site, see below)

3PM-5PM Brews Not Bombs @ Worthington’s

How To Brew Your Own Beer with Brian Herbertson (BOIS), With: Turkish Techno, Resin Hits and City Mouse.

12PM-4PM DIY Arts & Letters Fest @ Riverside Art Museum
Sumi Ink Club Exhibition
Zine Swap and zine workshops with ZineWorks and BloodOrange InfoShop
Live Screenprinting Party with
Jeremy Brosius and Jon “Roach” Brosius of Brosius Design Group! Choose your shirt, colors, and screens and print them with us: front, back, side. Shirts are $20 and fully customizable. Or save some cash and bring your own shirt!
Press Release: Mosaic is an annual publication of literature and art. The book is made by undergraduates at UC Riverside, but contributors to the book come from all educational and geographic backgrounds. There are a zillion small presses, like Mosaic, in southern California. We can’t jam a zillion publications into a 4 hour showcase (or one museum), but damned if we’re not going to try. Mosaic presents the first–but certainly not the last–Press Release. Our job: To come together and present to you the finest of I.E.’s local writers, self-publishers, and literary press. Your job? To eat, drink, mingle, be entertained, buy books and zines, and find out about presses you can submit your own work to in future.

3PM-5PM Introduction to Monoprint @ Division 9 Gallery (3850 Lemon St.)
Come learn the fine art of printmaking with Professor Denise Kraemer (Printmaking MFA). Artists of all skill levels are invited to this monoprinting workshop. $2 materials fee.

3PM-11:00PM BloodOrange Infoshop Record Release (punk/hardcore) @ Back to The Grind (basement)
(Vitriol), Forming (Vitriol/Record Release), Graf Orlock, ColorChromatic (Olhar De Vidro), Rifle

3:35PM-11:35PM Youthless Records (indie rock) @ Back To The Grind (upstairs)

Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound, Halloween Swim Team, Duhkha, Voice On Tape, The Summer Twins


12PM-3PM Spring Cleaning! @ The Bike Lounge
Bring your bike and we’ll help you wash it, lube it, grease it, and get back on it!

2PM-6PM Arts & Crafts Supply Swap Meet & Workshops @ Back To The Grind (upstairs)
Art Supply Swap Meet: Are you an artist who has old supplies from an abandoned project you’d like to adopt to a loving home? Bring your old your arts and crafts supplies to swap and participate in arts & crafts workshops.
2:00 -3:00 – Art Supply Swap
2:45 -3:45- (
Maggie Tello Case and Meghan O’Brien) Free Form “Let’s Make Stuff With Our New Stuff” Workshop
3:15-4:15 – (
Tanya Sorrell) Upcycled Sweater Monster Workshop
3:45-4:45- (
Mark Fiori) Bring Your Own Guitar Workshop
4:15-5:15- (
Justin Operable) Knitting Workshop
4:45-5:45- (
Maggie Tello Case) Recycled #6 Plastic Shrinky Dinks Workshop
5:15- 6:00- (
Courtney Brandl) Found Item/ Assemblage Collage Workshop

3PM-6PM Musical Siesta (chillout/freakout) @ Back To The Grind (downstairs)
Carly Hendrix and The Whole Earth Catalog, Adventures of a Whaling Ship, Curdle Motif, and Yassin

7PM-9PM Saturation Film Exposition @ Back To The Grind
Premiere of IE filmakers: narrative shorts, music videos, animation, documentaries and experimental.
1. US Premiere of Jesca Hoop’s music video, The Kingdom
2 Carina Round – Backseat Official Music Video, Seth Dalton
3. I Live in the Woods-Stop Motion Animation By Max Winston
4. A Couple of Idiots-Narrative Short
5. Happy Birthday Guadalupe, The Killers, By Chris Callister
6. Love Stinks, Short Documentary
7. Giovanni, Experimental

February Fifths
Ivan Colon and Company
Aaron Beaumont
Winston and the Telescreen

7:00PM-12AM BAZAAR (rock) @ Life Arts Building (enter on Lemon St.)
Polite, Dondo and The Mothership, The Mad Marionettes, The Raga, Them Novus, Rosa Venus, The New Division, Adonis

10PM-2AM After Party @ Back To The Grind

Magical Mistakes, Fitness, Mr. Unruly. DJ sets by Kenny D (KSPC), Walter of the Woods (KUCR).


1PM Cycledelics Scavenger Hunt Ride @ Back To The Grind (ending at Fairmount Park)
Meet at 12:30. Ride leaves @ 1PM sharp from Back to the Grind. Bring a digital camera to participate in a photographic scavenger hunt of local spots around Downtown Riverside! The ride will end in Fairmount Park at the Picnic.

2PM Picnic @ Fairmount Park

Meet by the tank for a picnic lunch and Bohemian Beat with Sierra La Point.

make sure to learn more about this event at: