Who is this kid?
His name is Alf Alpha and he is the man of the hour this weekend.
Let’s give it up for a young guy (25 years young) on his grind.
If you haven’t heard/noticed Alf Alpha is steady holdin’ down four DJ gigs this weekend!! And on a majority of the events’ flyers Alf Alpha is the headliner. That’s dope!!
Not to mention, all of the gigs are within 2 hours from your hometown, the Coachella Valley. Hint hint to all those who are looking for something to do. Go support your local talent.
I love watching artists develop and grow and that is exactly what Alf Alpha is doing. Word on the street is that he is about to release his next beat tape! (Alf Alpha is also a music producer, ya’ll) His last album gained him heavy attention in Japan and a 2 page interview cover story in his all time favorite magazine, Waxpoetics. We are excited to see what’s next from Alf Alpha, to say the least.

So, this weekend follow the multi-talented DJ as he…
goes on at 7:00pm – 8:00pm in Riverside at the Bitch, please. party
(possibly going to spin some rock/punk/??)
then catch him at 9:00 – 2:00am (yes he’s DJing the entire time)
at Space 120 in downtown Palm Springs for a good get-yer-dance-on party

Alf Alpha hits the road and travels to Pomona to rock a set with The Noise Academy… rooftop on the Fox Theater. Can I get a hhhaaaayyyyyyy!
9pm-2am (he’ll prob take stage around 12)
(look forward to Alf Alpha playing r&b/golden era hip hop/modern funk)

On Sunday Alf Alpha will return home to accompany us (The Coachella Valley Art Scene) at the Ace Hotel in the Amigo Room. Woop woop. In addition to Alf Alpha, we just booked DJ Nagul to open up for him. So, there will definitely be some good tunes!
(look forward to downtempo, modern funk, world beats, and some of Alf Alpha’s newly produced music!!)

Best thing is, not only did Alf Alpha just recover from a light case of food poising earlier this week, but he is ALSO recovering from a cold! You gotta love it. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
three cheers for Alf Alpha this weekend who is working hard while the rest of us get to play!

everything you need to know about Alf Alpha can be found here: