What else to say other than – it’s a 3 day weekend!!!

Cheers to that!

This means we treat Sunday night like a Saturday, Saturday like a Friday, and Monday like a Sunday.
Did I confuse you? Feeling dizzy yet?
Well, that’s only the start.
This weekend people from all over the United States of America will come to visit the Coachella Valley/Palm Springs. And there is no better time, or place, in the nation to do so, due to the lovely weather that we surprisingly (and openly) have been receiving.
Not only are we offering good weather, perfect afternoons poolside, and an escape from the hustle and bustle… but we are also offering some pretty sweet shows too.
These punk desert kids still know how to throw down.
So, if you’re down with the low down, then get down to some of the events listed below.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!

tacos, tequila and DJ Day spinning the classic. yes, please.
The Coachella Valley Art Scene + Slipping Into Darkness + Natttlesnake + Alf Alpha will all be repping the desert at Riverside’s Saturation Fest party. You know it’s going to be crazy if the four of us are going to be there. Word.

Howie is doing wonderful things for the Ace Hotel’s blog. Thank you, Howie! And Howie, love the name, love the jams, love Friday nights at Ace. Holla, Howie.

This is Space 120’s flyer for their Friday night with Alf Alpha. We ALL know this party is going to be wild – why even question it? Alf Alpha will be playing dance music all night long.

Ace Hotel is killin’ it with cool/FREE events to go all weekend long. Seriously, check it out. You go David (Richie), you go boy. ;-P

I guess I play favorites to the punk kids. Guess, cause… at heart, I’m a scummy punk kid too. And you probably are one/were one too if you are reading this. So go punk off!!!!! at this party.

When you see these two dudes on a flyer for a party going down at J Dee’s – that only means one thing – chaos. Is J Dee’s making a summer comeback??? The best dive bar of the desert? Say it ain’t so…
This Sunday The Coachella Valley Art Scene + Alf Alpha + DJ Nagul will be all the way live in the Amigo Room at Ace Hotel!!! Come and meet the crew. We want to shake your hands, hear your ideas, and chat a bit. We’ve never done something like this… a meet and greet… and are really looking forward to it. Some come holla. Oh, and if you have no interest in meeting us, Alf Alpha will be spinning some really, really, really good music that night anyways. Can’t say “no,” can you?
Big thank you and lots of love to all those who continue to support and tune into the blog every week. We appreciate your support and all of your cooperative efforts in bettering the local arts community! Right on, guys. Well, have a great weekend and we look forward to spending next week with you as well… till then… thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com