When it comes to blogs, everyone has their own way they like ’em served. Some like them well-done… a.k.a. straight forward to the point, perfect grammar, very direct, etc. Others like them rare.. a.k.a. a post here, a post there, just a photo here, no text, barely any content. Me? I like mine medium rare… a.k.a. lots of personality, photos, text, and video. It’s not just fulfilling, it’s juicy. Chop lickin’ good!

I recently came across my new favorite blog for the month of June, No Toys Allowed. What I like most about No Toys Allowed is that is has so much flavor. It’s a great peak into the life of a DJ. A life that so many of us don’t get the opportunity to live. In my opinion, it’s quite possibly the world’s greatest job: you get to get paid to parties, and then while you’re there, you get to control the way the night will be with your song selections. Your DJ is like your shaman, they pick your trip and you’re just a passenger in the experience.

What’s actually better than the photos and videos is the somewhat hidden FREE MIXTAPES (or recordings of his live sets) that Alf Alpha will sporadically link in some of his posts. A lovely surprise when found.

Like a picnic in the park, a beefy burger at sundown, it’s all good. Without trying to hard, or giving too little… No Toys Allowed serves up a beefy blog that is perfect for some good ol’ summertime stalking (did I say that? whoops)…

Alf Alpha DJing at Coachella Fest! In the campgrounds for the Coachella Art Studios!!!

Here are some pretty gnarly videos from No Toys Allowed:

Barry McGee Feature from The Creative Lives on Vimeo.

*Note: Alf Alpha is not just a DJ, he is also a music producer. His music production is widely admired by other artists, especially visual artists and film makers alike. In this Barry McGee feature from The Creative Lives, Alf Alpha’s music is featured throughout the entire video. So rad!! Barry McGee is one of our FAVORITES right now in the art game. Holla.

Check out Alf Alpha in the mix at the date Farmers new art studio in Los Angeles.
Here are some FREE downloadable mixes/live sets that I found on the blog. Finders keepers, losers weepers:
* FREE DOWNLOAD: 30 minutes from his set at the Date Farmers ARt Studio in LA recorded live to a tape! Click: Download .
* Anyone out there like world music??? Here is another 30 minute mix from Alf Alpha. Kinda Rated R…. you’ll see. Here is the link: DJ Alf Alpha Latin Vibe Mixtape World Music
To check the beefy blog out for yourself, please visit:www.NoToysAllowed.com