The Palm Springs International Short Film Festival.
Aaahhhh a festival that I feel was made just in time for my generation. We’ve been rumored to have attention deficit disorder and crave information overload. Well, honestly, can’t say I’m not guilty of either of the two. Guess that’s why the PSIFF is one of my favorite times of the year. Okay, maybe my second favorite time of the year, second to our CVAS parties, of course.
Anyways, via blog posts, emails, formspring, text, and twitter, I have had some internet kids asking me some interesting questions like…
What’s the difference between the Palm Springs Short Film Festival and a good late night Youtube session? I say… everything.
For the next couple of days you can order up a pack of films, light ’em up, and inhale each one slowly until it starts burning away at your finger tips tempting you buy another pack to satisfy the satisfaction to the craving. And you don’t even gotta be 18 to buy a pack.
In fact, the best part about buying a pack of film fest tickets is that you get to be apart of a culture. You get a moment to step away from your computer, put your gnarly ‘Youtube short film fest sessions’ at rest, and see some great films that have been hand selected by pros in the industry. Not to say that you aren’t a great Youtuber – or anything like that – but you know you’ve watched that Panda sneezing too many times already.
In addition to watching some top notch shorts, you also get to contribute to an art scene that makes Palm Springs… well, Palm Springs. It’s that old Hollywood art and film scene that lives on out here. And I love Palm Springs for exactly that reason and charm. If we can build upon and contribute to that culture as a young, artistic, super cool community, then the festival and city will soon cater to us.
So… come on little munchkins… come out, come out wherever you are… and meet these new directors that are about to be stars…

Here is just a SMALL list of films that we are looking forward to….


White Lines and the Fever: The Death of DJ Junebug
USA, 2010, 27 Minute Running Time
Language: English
Whether you are a fan of hip hop or not, you will be enthralled by the fascinating story of DJ Junebug, one of the greatest DJs of all-time whose life and work had a profound impact on the New York music scene of the 80s. Rare winner of top honors at both Tribeca and South by Southwest.

Filmmakers expected to attend: Director Travis Senger, producer Michael Mouncer.

DIRECTOR: Travis Senger

Producer: Michael J. Mouncer

Editor: Michelle Witten

Screenwriter: Travis Senger

Cinematographer: Sean Porter

Principal Cast: Kurtis Blow, Sal Abbatiello, Sweet Gee, DJ Hollywood, Disco Bee, Vernice Barnes


An Eyeful of Sound

An Eyeful of Sound
Canada, 2009, 10 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Netherlands
Language: English

I saw the most beautiful sound… Synaesthesia is a brain condition when as one sense is stimulated, two are trigged. In this animated doc, the interviewees can not only hear but also see music and sound. A fascinating journey to expand perceptions of perception.

DIRECTOR: Samantha Moore

Producer: Joshka Wessels

Editor: Samantha Moore

Cinematographer: Samantha Moore

Music: Adam Goddard


Annie Leibovitz:  “So, There You Go.”

Annie Leibovitz: “So, There You Go.”
USA, 2009, 10 Minute Running Time
Language: English

An engrossing overview of the life and work of America’s preeminent portrait photographer.

DIRECTOR: Douglas J. Sloan

Producer: Gail Kershner

Editor: Charly Bender

Cinematographer: Pat Capone

Principal Cast: Annie Leibovitz


Free Parking

Free Parking
USA, 2009, 12 Minute Running Time
Topic: Local
Language: English

When three kids are given $5 to find anything to do other than play video games, they come across a magical Monopoly game in a thrift shop with a strange power beyond their wildest imaginings.

Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Michael Kontaxis.

DIRECTOR: Michael Kontaxis

Producer: Michael Kontaxis

Editor: Michael Kontaxis

Screenwriter: Michael Kontaxis

Cinematographer: Michael Kontaxis

Principal Cast: Christian Kontaxis, Faith Shepherd, Joanna Shepherd, Krisann Kontaxis, Alice Pulos, Abbie Shepherd


The Poodle Trainer

The Poodle Trainer
USA, 2009, 9 Minute Running Time
Language: Russian

A former performer with the Palm Springs Follies, Irina Markova, describes her transcendent relationship with her dogs and a lifetime spent working in the circus. Local filmmaker Vance Malone deftly recreates the magic of performance in this sumptuously shot doc.

Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Vance Malone.

DIRECTOR: Vance Malone

Producer: Sarah McMurray

Editor: Tate Webb

Cinematographer: Marc Greenfield

Principal Cast: Irina Markova

Don’t sleep on the after parties! More information about the celebration can be found here: