What is better, and more rewarding, then the feeling of independence?

When you first moved out of your parent’s place.
When you bought your first car.
When you got your first full time job.
When you broke up with that leech of a boyfriend.
You know that feeling… the feeling of freedom.
This weekend the United States of America celebrates it’s declaration of Independence. And the Coachella Valley’s art scene celebrates ours too.
At this moment in time/history amazing things are happening out here in our art community. Things are picking up. People are coming together, starting to believe and trust one another, doors are beginning to open for leaders… and slowly, but surely, our dreams are coming true.
The art community is building it’s independence. Before, if there was a gallery or venue that we weren’t accepted in, we just gracefully walked away and knocked on other doors. And, finally, all those new doors that we knocked on, are calling us back and inviting us in. The way it should be.
Many things to celebrate for our nation, but also for our growing community…

1. INTERVIEW: Entrance Band. I am very excited to share this one with you. Not just my favorite band, but everyone I know who has seen them live’s favorite band as well, Entrance Band, sits down for an interview with one of our favorite men about town Steven Preston for the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog. Pretty sweet. And what makes this interview even more relevant is the fact that Entrance Band will be playing LIVE this Saturday at J Dee’s Landing in good ol’ downtown Palm Springs. We’re so pumped for that show! And you should be too.

2. What Ace says about your City. After traveling up to Seattle and Portland, I realized that when an Ace Hotel comes to your city, be ready to have a statement made about it. Recently, I had the opportunity to stay at the Ace Hotel in Seattle and Portland and was able to grasp a good sense of the community and vibe of their lifestyle. And it made me think… So, what does this say about the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs? Hmm…. I share my feelings, my photos, and my thoughts with you this week.

3. July 4th Parties ‘n Such. Remember when July 4th weekend meant that you had to leave town because NOTHING was going on. Well, that is CERTAINLY not the truth any longer. It’s as hot music wise as it is temperature wise out here this weekend. For instance, you can go to Ace Hotel any day from Thursday till Monday and if there is not a rager by the pool, then go on into the Amigo for tunes and turnt up drinks. And if not the Ace, then J Dee’s Landing makes it’s ultimate comeback this weekend. Palm Springs dominates this weekend with a super solid line up , that lines up the down town. We, of course, will be sharing every single event with you and giving you the 411 of them all.

4. Something Old, Something New. Last week we were so busy we couldn’t find time to fit this one in, so, this week we guarantee it! Something Old, Something New is dedicated to all the new music coming out of the desert this summer and to all of the old school music that continues to inspire. We have tracks and links to the best of rock, hip hop, and all other non definable genres out there.

5. Open Mic Night. The Coachella Valley produces many poets. It’s something in the air out here. Or is the beautiful sunsets? Either way, for whatever reason, there are many very talented and outspoken poets here in the desert and when it is time for them to shine at an open mic, they do so with grace and power. This Wednesday is Open Mic night at Space 120 and I can guarantee you it’s going to be all the way live. Be ready to hear what the people of the desert have to say.

6. Get Out of Town for Free. Travel to Uruguay this Thursday for Free via the Palm Springs Art Museum. Say what? Yeah. Well, I’m talking about time traveling via a free film at the museum that was created by a director from Uruguay. Same difference. Oh come on! Use your imagination!! No, but really, there is a Free Foreign Film screening this Thursday at the PSAM and you should go.

7. Futurefanticism. If I wasn’t a blogger, I’d definitely be a psychic, or a really epic street artist. This week on the CVAS, I play the role of a psychic blogger. I give you little hints in to some really great things that will be happening in the desert very soon. It’s not that much of a surprise, as it’s all been written in the fault lines (aka the lines in the palm of your hands). And if my predictions are off, then I promise I will quit my day job and just work on that dream of being a really epic street artist.

8. Randoms. So much going on this weekend that I am sure I forgot to mention something here. So, that means you better keep coming back for more. Keep checking in until Friday night to see what the happs are.

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party in the Coachella Valley. Like I said, this weekend is jam packed with great shows here in the desert. We have a great music line up and I am ultra excited to brag all about it. Way to go event/party coordinators of the Coachella Valley – you guys are killin’ it!!!!