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Bandcamp.com is this new site on the internet that I really dig. It’s perfect for bands, musicians, music producers, etc. It has a simple, clean format and makes listening/ downloading an artist album easy. Plus, money that is spent on any album goes directly into the artists pocket…. no Paypal middleman-ism. I like that.
Most recently, I have taken notice that a few desert bands have jumped on board the bandcamp wagon and wanted to share my latest discoveries with you all. Also, wanted to just throw the idea of bandcamp.com out there for any musicians reading this who have yet to give this site a try. Just sayin’…
Although, don’t get it twisted, you can’t hate on the good ol’ Myspace.com. Myspace will always be a good starting point. So, in tipping my hat to the classic format, I decided to post up some of my favorite desert bands who are maxin’ and relaxin’ on Myspace….

Palm Desert, CA / Psych

News of the Fire
Palm Desert, CA / Indie Rock

Indio, CA // Punk

Big Lizard
Coachella, CA / / Punk

Slipping Into Darkness
Desert Hot Springs, CA // Rock n Roll

Carlee Hendrix and the Whole Earth Catalog
Bermuda Dunes, CA / / Folk

next week we focus on Hip Hop / Electronic sounds….
stay tuned!