Hello, and welcome back to the program.

This week in the Coachella Valley you can expect low winds from the east, strong gusts of wind from the west, warm temperatures from the north, humidity rising from the south, and an all encompassing busy week for art, creativity, and socializing.
Despite what may seem to be unruly temperatures for human nature knocking on your door, you have the A/C and good company on your side. So, knock back.
This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene, we give you a super hot list of super cool things to do in the desert. All of the activities take place in doors, except for a few pool parties that offer chilled water as an alternative.
We also give you new music to jam out to and new venues to look forward to.
This week we look forward to writing stories on….

1. Sounds of the Desert. Last week we made a tribute to some sounds of the desert that were more rock-affliated. This week we turn our heads towards new sounds that are sample based, bass heavy, have rhythm and blue, and a banging beat…. yes, hip hop. What’s going on around town musically? We feature just a few who we have seen making noise noise lately.

2. INTERVIEW: Sleepy Sun. This Saturday up at Pappy and Harriet’s a band from Los Angeles that is notably a big inspiration to many of the young psych bands from out here in the desert will be headlining the show. This band, Sleepy Sun, took some time to speak with one of the members to a contributing local band that will open up for them, War Drum. So, what is it like when two psych musicians talk to each other. Pretty trippy. Come back and make sure to read all about what to look forward to this Saturday.

3. HAHA!!! Sometimes, it’s hard to laugh out loud when it’s so hot outside. You just wanna be all grumpy and pissed off. Well, frown no more, The Ace Hotel is providing us with a comedy night this Wednesday. They have booked comedians and all you have to do is come get your laugh on in a nicely air conditioned room.

4. Get Out of Town! One of the most desirable places to travel to is India, in my opinion at least. I am truly fascinated with the culture and the land itself. This week the Palm Springs Art Museum offers you a chance to get outta town for free with them via an air conditioned movie theater. The plane boards Thursday evening with a roundtrip ticket to India via Ocean of an Old Man movie screening. All aboard….

5. Artist in Residence: Phillip K Smith. Each summer the Palm Springs Art Museum opens up one of their wings to take a local artist under. In summer of 2008, artists in residence were the Date Farmers. Summer 2009 was awarded to Cathy Allen and Joan Silver. And Summer 2010 has been awarded to an artist we have been following for about a year now, Phillip K Smith! Phillip K Smith is an architect that grew up here in the Coachella Valley and has art that can be spotted all over the United States in public places. Oh, and let’s not forget that Phillip had a piece at our Something From Nothing party this past December. Yeah, he’s pretty cool. More details this week about Phillip and the Artist in Residence program.

6. Free For All, especially Dreamcatcher. There is a music festival coming up that is being put together by one of our good friends called Free For All Festival. There are a couple local desert kids that will be doing crafts at the festival, aannddd, there is a possibility that quite possibly one of them might be able to play there as well. This, my friends, is only a possibility if you, the general public vote for them this week! Let’s work together as a community to help some of our local artists live out a dream or two of theirs. vote at: www.freeforallfestival.com

7. Explorations of the Desert. Summer time contrasted by Winter time. Jealous?

8. Commercial Break. There is a great Commercial Break in the works over here. We have been trying to dig up the best videos that we can find. After two years of running the blog, you would think we would get tired of this – never!!! It’s research.

9. Randoms. I know I am forgetting something. It happens when a million things are being thrown at you on the internet everyday. Such is life. So, make sure to stay tuned in so ya never miss a thing!!

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. This weekend is all about community events. And large scale ones at that. Don’t even think about going out of town…. all the good acts are coming into town this weekend. No matter is you like hip hop, indie rock, punk rock, or psych rock…. it’s rock solid.