‘That New New’ News:
Hello All! How ya doing? Lately, we have really been picking up a gang more viewers. That’s cool. Thank you to everyone who helps spread the word, Googles the words “coachella valley art”, and who just have a genuine interest in some sincere journalism. Your love and support does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. And I say that with all honesty.
As in all functional & loving relationships, it is best to compromise, meet eye to eye, and give as much as you receive…. if not give more than you receive. So, since we love you all and wanna keep you around for longer I thought it would be best to give you more than just my mumbo jumbo words of wisdom and blog posts.
In giving more love, I give more things of solid substance to hold in your hands…
The photo above is just a HINT as to what we got up one of our sleeve.
Up the other sleeve is a collaboration Coachella Valley Art Scene Summer Fashion Line with our favorite female visual artist of Indio, CA today. She is young, and she is mighty. We are going to go real hard for this one.
Since these shirts will be a piece of collectible art they will be sold for a reasonable price. But, some of your lucky ducks will get some free giveaways (yeah, recession pays off sometimes). To be a lucky duck you must pay attention to our Twitter, our Facebook, and our Myspace because through these outlets, and these outlets only will you be able to have the opportunity to win a wearable piece of art.

Say you can’t afford to buy merch? Say you can’t afford to buy art supplies?
Well, say no more!
The Coachella Valley Art Scene is collaborating with The Coachella Valley Arts Alliance (they are actually our big brother), SCRAP Gallery and Culturas on August 7th to supply
And this isn’t arts and crafts for your little sister. No, the arts and crafts that the CVAS blog is supplying is for all you all of you reading this out there. All you grown folks, all you indie kids, all you punks, and all you backpackers. And everyone else outside and in between. All ya’ll.
Wanna make a zine? Wanna make your own wallet? Make your own jewelry? Craft your own steelo? Make a dream catcher? Make something you never thought you could?…
Well, this is your chance to come and do it!
So, bring all your friends.
Or, make some new ones.
The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be there with our portable screen printing machine. Yes, this means we will be screen printing. Yes, his means you can bring your white tee. Yes, this means we might just go ahead and screen print some cool sh*t on it for like $2-3 bucks. Yes, this means you’ll walk away looking extra fresh with your new CVAS swag.

Here are some photos from some past Arts and Crafts sessions the CVAS has had:
It gets crackin’!!
But, this time we will be inside…. yes, air conditioning will be pumping.

be there or be square:

August 7th / / Indio Fashion Mall (aka Fiesta Mall) / / noon – 4pm (or something like that)
music / / arts and crafts / / art
all ages / / completely FREE / / swag

(more details and a flyer coming soon)

That’s a rap, kids. More FUTUREFANTASTICISM coming soon…