Lifestyles of the young and restless.

Oh to be beautiful, blond, and dipping my toes in water at this very moment.
Guess not in this lifetime.
Oh well.
I guess I’ll take option number two…
Being a blogger, being a brunette, and dipping my thoughts in chocolate just so they sound tasty enough for you to want to eat up.
If neither of these options apply to you, then, your only other option is to then resort to option number three…
Being a babe, being a busy bee, and dipping into visit all the different scenes of the desert this weekend.
Trust me, it’s a lot more fun then option number two. And possibly more work then option number one (but, ‘they’ say blonds get to have all the fun, right!?!). Such is life…
This weekend the desert offers different life paths for different kinds of people (A.K.A. different strokes for different folks).
Pick your life path for the weekend, with option number four, five, six…. etc. below:

Hip Hop ya don’t stop, tick top ya won’t quit. (Did I get those famous lyrics confused? I never was a great rapper – sorry)
The New York Times says, “Expect BIG Things!” about Shawn Moores new mixtape that’s coming soon. Just kidding. Made ya look.
Seriously, most official house party flyer I have seen in yyeeaarrrrsss.

Whenever I see spaceships on party flyers I don’t think twice. I know I must go – it’s my calling.
Hey, FYI, Howie won’t be here but his buddy will be. Let’s see how cool Howie really is. Because, you’re only as cool as the people you roll with. 😉

The Mad Rapa say what say what!! I want that shirt so bad. I hope he’s selling it at the show.

Hey! What’s up guys. Some new faces, some new locations, some freshness. Word.
We all know the aliens love the Coachella Valley. Back for Round 2 if you missed Round 1 the night before.

Don’t dare deny yourself the pleasure, boys and girls. This Saturday is DOWNTOWN at the Ace featuring some bomb diggity DJs that you better brace yourself for. Get ready to get down and dirty with yo bad self.

** PARTY PICK OF THE WEEKEND*** Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun. Not only do you get some new shoes, but you get a fresh new hair cut, and you also get FREE FOOD AND DRINK. What the?!?!? Wait, and there will a DJ on the ones and twos??? I love this already and I haven’t even gone yet.
Hmmm…. does the party ever stop at the Ace? I honestly do not think it does. Honestly.


I wish I could have a black marker over my eyes sometimes. For different reasons that I am sure you can think of. Punk rock show. Don’t be a punk and not show up.

Linda, you are making the world a better place. Seriously.

That’s a rap! Thank you all who continue to support us in this uber crazy journey (aka The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog). We never thought we’d be here 2 years later, but here we are strong and still fighting for our right to party. If it wasn’t for you all wanting to roll with us then I don’t know where we would be today. Translation (just because my Mom, my Grandma, and my Great Grandma all read this blog and hate my slang): THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUOUS SUPPORT!!! email new news at