Everyone out there reading this….
please give yourself a nice round of applause!
Together as a supportive community we raised enough votes to earn our good friends and fellow musicians,
a spot on the lineup at the Free For All Festival in Los Angeles this
August 15th at the Echoplex!
With the help of all of you out there (we are especially looking at you, Mary Walker and Street Team) we earned enough votes to put our boys (and girl) at number one. The indie psych band from the Coachella will rock the stage with their hometown in the audience.
That’s just how the Coachella Valley kids roll, like a family.

Make sure to check Dreamcatcher’s Bandcamp out. They rock.
* * * * *

But!! Best part is that we won’t just be representing on stage… no, we are also head of the Art Department!
That’s right. The Coachella Valley Art Scene is presenting our very unique, Coachella Art Studios! An interactive art installation that is free to all concert-goers. We invite anyone and everyone to come sit down and make some art. Meet some new friends. And then take home the piece that you made to remember the experience by.
It’s so simple, yet, so beautiful at the same time.
We are creating culture, communication, and community in the physical world.
So, please do join us for a great social experiment that encourages everyone to fully express their true selves.
More info on what exactly is the Coachella Art Studios??
can be found by visiting the website:

The Coachella Valley Art Scene
(aka The Coachella Art Studios)
at Coachella Fest 2010:
this is what we will be doing for the Free For All Festival (on a slimmed down version):

The Coachella Art Studios 2010 from Lauren Laddusaw on Vimeo.

Also, make sure to watch

The Coachella Valley Art Scene at Phish Festival 8:
this past Halloween at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, CA!
Some really epic stuff here….

To get more information on the Free For All Festival, please visit: