DJ Day and Thes One
LIVE at the Amigo Room

As some, most, or all of you know, DJ Day has been holding down a weekly at Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room in Palm Springs for some time now. The gig is called ‘Reunion’ and has been live and in full effect every Thursday night.
DJ Day is truly a master teacher of his craft: Never a dull moment, rarely a track you have heard of before, he keeps you grooving, and leaves you scratching your head questioning ‘who and what did he just play?’
It’s like that.
It’s that rare funk and boogie that will never die, nor will it ever get old. It’s classic, and so is this weekly gig. Don’t miss some truly epic Palm Springs music history in the making.
Reunion / / every Thursday Night / / DJ Day & Friends
701 E Palm Canyon / / Palm Springs / / FREE / / 10pm-2am

Via DJ Day’s Blog:
Every guest I have at ¡Reunión! brings something unique to the table (which is why I have folks come through in the first place), and last Thursday was no exception. This was a night to play what we want, drink, sing, cuss, clown and most of all, have fun.

I went through 3 or so hours and took what I thought were the best parts. The first half was early into about peak time and the 2nd half is the late night IDGAF set.
All vinyl, all live. Enjoy.” –

To Download the night’s LIVE set, please click:

The live mix is so good. You can thank me (and DJ Day and Thes One) later.

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