Hottest in the game.
Hottest in the nation.
Who would that be?
That would be us.
In more than ways then one we make headlines.
I was watching the news the other night and saw that our area on the map was the red-est heat zone of them all.
But, little to no surprise at all, we are one of the most well known chill zones of the nation as well.
Stress? Traffic? Crowds? Smog?
No, no, no, no… that’s not a problem in the Coachella Valley.
We are the land of electric relaxation, baby.
Palm trees, ladies dipping their toes poolside, modernism, old & new school celebs – all iconic images that we hold near and dear to us.
What you see is what you get.
This weekend, we chill during daytime and at night we heat it up.
Whoever said that those red-est heat zones represented daytime?
I’m know I was talking about the nighttime…


King Most is in the building!!!!! Can I getta ‘hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy’. Kind Most is something to get excited about – can you tell?

Tonight at the Oasis Bar is also a good reason or two to get excited about. We got the revealing of a new desert band (yay!) and we got some real talent from LA coming to town. Stoked.


Typically I do not promote for the big dogs out there like Spotlight 29 (unless they wanna start paying to do so), BUT, since the homies Tribe-O will be rocking the stage tonight, I couldn’t help myself. Gotta support the local talent! Sweet gig, guys. Keep it goin’.

Hey, if you are up in the High Desert and don’t feel like coming to the Low Desert – no problemo.

Howie, Howie, he’s our man – if he can’t do it no one can!


I better see you all there! This party is going to be way too much fun! Plus, we are releasing our latest line of collaboration tees… aka tangible merchandise to support your local blog by.

Found this on the interwebs and thought I’d give you all a shout out!

And if you are Indio bound, then here ya go….
… but really – Amigo Room!


Victor Rodriquez spices things up a bit…


The term Fabulosity just raised it standards because of this.


Don’t be a sk8r h8r!! Be a participator!!! Go support a local business that has been around for almost 10 years!!!! That’s amazing and there is a lot to be said because of it. Next Tuesday in the Commune.

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