This past Saturday DJ Alf Alpha, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, and the Amigo Room at the Ace Hotel paired up to present…. DISCOTHEQUE.

Discotheque can be described as a new sound and a new movement in the Coachella Valley.  Interpret the word, ‘movement’ as you would like… for it can be interpreted many ways.  We are specifially referring to ‘movement’ as new begining or an enlightment, and also as new kinds of movement in your dance moves.

You know DJ Alf Alpha, the dude plays new and different kinds of music every time.  He never fails.  It’s always refreshing to hear some new rare dance jams that you haven’t heard before (or heard for a long time) and get down with your bad self .  How do you even classify the genre of music that he spins?… Hmm… future funk?  modern disco?  house?  hip hop?  Oh, who really cares?  It’s fun and it’s free and your friends from the Coachella Valley Art Scene are there too!

Here are some photos from the night taken by Anthony J. Meglio/Images by DeMeglio for Metromix.com:

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported!

Also big shout out to all who purchased the first collaboration project between us (The Coachella Valley Art Scene), the Date Farmers, and Alf Alpha for our new tshirt line… sold exclusively through the Coachella Valley Art Scene website and events.

See ya next month!  Same place, same time!