Free For All Festival Recap

This past Sunday there was a music and arts festival in Los Angeles called Free For All Festival hosted by a fellow blogger/friend, When You Awake.

The festival featured many of LA’s up and coming indie/folk bands from Los Angeles…. and, you guessed it, the Coachella Valley.  This includes a band that The Coachella Valley Art Scene has long been a supporter of, Dreamcatcher, who took the main stage that Sunday evening and performed beautifully.

Alas, Dreamcatcher were not the only desert kids presenting in the building. The Coachella Art Studios held it down for the Art Department of the music and arts festival as well.  The Coachella Art Studios is the interactive art installation that The Coachella Valley Art Scene has been hosting at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival these past two years (and are looking forward to this upcoming year!).  The Coachella Art Studios consist of kids from Riverside County (Coachella Valley and the Inland Empire) who are not just good artists and great teachers of their craft, but are professional and get the job done.  Some desert natives that we wanna give a shout out to are Kylie Knight and Carlos Munoz.  They hosted a craft booth that taught concert goers how to make their own adorable paper dolls from cardboard.  Check out some of their work…

Here are a few more photos of some of the other crafts that were being offered by The Coachella Art Studios.  As you can see…. it was a hit!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported not just your local artists in Los Angeles, but to everyone who supported the Free For All Festival as well.  A great event, with a great cause.

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