Cristopher Cichocki // ROJO*NOVA 2010

About 3 months ago or so, if some of you can recall, I was really excited to announce to everyone that Cristopher Cichocki was asked to be apart of a super sick art exhibit in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The art exhibit was ROJO*NOVA and it was to feature some of the most cutting edge contemporary artists of our time.  (for all those with short term memory problems, here is the link to my post from 3 months ago)

Cichocki just recently returned from his 10-day artistic journey and has some amazing photos to show from his experience.  Here are some jaw droppers that Cichocki has provided The Coachella Valley Art Scene with:

(this was the official art show event flyer)

As soon as Cichocki got off the plane it was time to get creative…

Final product looks GOOD, right?!?  Nice job Cris, looks like you really killed it out there.  Super proud.

Here are some other photos I found of his work:

And, in true Cristopher Cichocki fashion, he not only just exhibited his amazing art installation, BUT he also DJed not once, not twice, but 6 times while out in Sao Paulo.  Guess it’s safe to say that Set Below Sea Level (Cichocki’s DJ alias) is loved world wide!!

Looks like Cris had a great time, right?

Well, lucky for us…. good news…. the show will be traveling to Los Angeles on September!  This means you can not just see the installations on the internet, but you will actually have the opportunity to come and experience them in real life.  And, be able to support Cichocki at his next big show.

check the info out:

I know we will be there too support and up and coming desert artist, hope you will join us.

To check out more more photos from the big exhibit in Brazil, click here:

®NOVA – Contemporary Culture

To watch a Vimeo recap of the event, click here:

ROJO® on Vimeo

To get more information on Cris’s upcoming Nova Artscapes in Los Angeles, click here:

Facebook | ROJO®NOVA Artscapes

And, to learn more about who Cristopher Cichocki is, what he’s all about, and his past works, please make sure to check out his website by clicking here: