Flag in the ground, I now pronounce… the end of Summer!

This past Monday we celebrated the end of super hot and steamy summer days and nights, sun burns, broken air conditioners, sweaty everything, and cranky moods. And we couldn’t have done it so gracefully if it wasn’t for the culture that has been building up almost every night here in the Coachella Valley thanks to your local movers and shakers who make it all worth it.  Almost every night this Summer there has been something to do during the late night hours and that is truly impressive.  Give your selves a round of applause, treat yourself to a drink, and get ready to gear up for Fall!  We all know that’s when the fun stuff comes to town (Something From Nothing, Doo Wop in the Desert, Coachella Fest).

This weekend the ball keeps rolling…


Ummm…. hello!  DJ Nu-Mark!  Are you kidding me?  That’s rad.  Do your research if you don’t already know what’s up.


Space 120 is providing everyone with the house/techo/minimal sounds every Friday.  Make sure you get up and out to get down.

Howie Pyro.  Whatta stud.  He spins all 45’s and has long hair.  Voodoo R&B.  Rock N Roll.  Gnarly.

Camping with Gram Rabbit in Pioneertown??  This sounds like trouble.  Count me in.


Before you go out on Saturday night, make sure to stop by this art show to see what’s good in the hood.

CONGRATS GUYS!!! Let’s give a round of applause to the guys over at Stronghold!  They have been holding down this Saturday night for over a year now.  Rumor has it that DJ Day is gonna get down with his bad self and make you all move your feet.  Don’t forget your dance shoes, this is a guaranteed grind session.  Party is now being held every 2nd Saturday at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  Gonna be crackin’ for sure.

Indiewin is debuting their website and a new resell shop in Palm Desert this Saturday.  Indiewin girls are rumored to be there.  Make sure to check out War Drum, Waxy, but not Slipping Into Darkness.  Slipping Into Darkness will not be playing there, but Cosmonauts will.

Another band that I really love, The Bellrays, will be performing Saturday night in Pioneertown.  This looks super awesome.


Forget driving to LA for the Do Over!  We have the Victor Rodriguez show at the Ace!


Fabulosity meter just got raised.  Step ya game up!


Say it, but don’t spray it!

Thank you for spending another week with us on the Coachella Valley Art Scene!  We appreciate all the support.  It really turns into fuel for motivation for us.  As you may have noticed, we are working on bettering the website…. we are definitely still adjusting, so stay tuned to see how nicely the Coachella Valley Art Scene will transform right in front of your eyes!  Any suggestions?  email us: thecoachellavalleyartscene @ gmail.com