Yawn…. Scratch… Stretch… Type…

Good Morning and Welcome Back to another week here on the Coachella Valley Art Scene!  Last week we were recovering/decompressing from our first Burning Man experience, so we are very sorry if we were a little slow with the updates.  This week, we refreshed!  It’s like we updated then rebooted the computer!  We are all charged up and ready to go.

We got tons of good music, new art, new events, new posts, and new outlooks on life coming your way.  We are ready to kill it!  Questions is, are you ready?  Rub the lint out of your eyes asap because this week we are picking up right where we left off about two weeks ago before our departure to Burning Man!

Rise and Grind:

1.  Burning Man Recap. Man!  To be honest I thought I was going to be able to get you the recap last week but I just couldn’t focus my attention to a computer screen.  It was a bad, temporary, case of A.D.D..  I kept just thinking and  reflecting back on the really awesome time I had.  But, after a week with my head in the clouds, I now have my feet on the floor and ready to Recap with you all.  I think you’re gonna dig it.  Actually, okay, let’s be real – I know you are!  😉

2.  DJ Day does the Do Over. Another goof-up from last week! (I blame Burning Man for this of course)  I was so excited to share with you all the epic Tweets and photos from DJ Day killing it at the Do Over (the hand down best party in Los Angeles), that I forgot to check if his live set recording was available for download yet.  It wasn’t last week, but it is this week!  Word.  I’m actually listening to it right now in my headphones and am SO HYPE to share this with you all.  An amazing source of inspiration and pride can be taken from this audio goodness.  Mad props to a Coachella Valley favorite, DJ Day.  Straight killin’ it.

3.  Ancient Youth. Fashion forwardness.  Desert Fashion.  Fashion for you and I.  There is a new clothing line in town that is super sick that is being exclusively sold at Fresh Out the Box.  The designer is a young, local artist going by the the Ancient Youth and I really love what he is doing.  I want to make sure you all know about it too.  Especially since school just started and you realized that you are wearing the same Huf and Hundreds shirt as everyone else in your class.  Time to get fresh, support your local artists (who are actually really talented and super dope).

4.  DISCOTHEQUE. That’s right… it’s about that time to bust our your dancing shoes and leggings once again.  Alf Alpha is to rock the Amigo Room THIS SATURDAY NIGHT and yours truly (the Coachella Valley ARt Scene) will be there slanging shirts, swaying hips, and supporting our DJ.  Be there or be… like totally… square.  Again that’s: This Saturday, 10pm-2am, FREE, DJ Alf Alpha + The CVAS Blog, Mature Audience, all going down at the Ace Hotel Amigo 701 E Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA.

5.  Installation Complete! So, we over here at the Coachella Valley Art Scene have been keeping you all updated on the progress of Phillip K Smith’s Artist in Residence installation at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  It’s been coming along beautifully… and now, the day has come!  The project is finally complete!  It’s so cool, it’s a must to check out this week.  It’s really rad to see a local artist, who was born and raised out here, do something so cutting edge and awesome.  More details and photos and flattery coming soon.

6.  It’s Been Official. It really has.  Since the day the local hip hop rappers, Pimpin Quinn and Provoked, met it’s been on and poppin’.  From the moment they met, their chemistry has been undeniable.  Their Youtubes have hundreds of views and they’ve been landing really good gigs all across Southern California. Word is spreading.  Their past gigs and tracks have featured each artist as a separate entity, but this week the two release an album titled, It’s Been Official, that they collaborate on together.  It’s an album that is destined to get plenty of commercial play and quite possibly be the album that takes them over the edge We catch up with the guys and ask them a few questions before they get too famous and don’t have time for us anymore. haha

7.  So Swanky! As you may or may not have noticed, The Coachella valley Art Scene is undergoing lots of maintenance!  We are in the process of beautifing ourselves.  So, make sure to stay tuned into and track the changes.  We are soon to have a new banner and graphics provided by a collaboration with one of our favorite graphic designers from the Coachella Valley, a new online store, more tabs with more topics, availability to advertise for local businesses, and much more!  It’s going to look fabulous, you just wait!

8.  The CVAS’s Boob Tube. Forget “Commercial Break.”  It’s too ‘commercial’.  Now we are really gonna ‘sell out’ and change our feature from ‘Commercial Break’ t0 “The CVAS’s Boob Tube.” Sex sells, what can we say?  Just kidding, kinda.  You know what it is!  All Vimeos and Youtubes that have a Coachella Valley theme to it!  We dig on the Internet for our weekly favorites and share them with you.  Boob Tube.  Get with it.

9.  Random. This week we got an email with a really awesome bit of random information about Palm Springs.  It’s so random, and so great, that we had to share it with you all.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursday. Party time, excellent.  This Saturday the best party in California comes to the Ace Hotel.  Be apart or break my heart.