Welcome to a new era, a new movement.

Welcome to the YouTube & Twitter Generation: home to the wild World Wide Web, with unlimited access to running your own television channel, you are now the master and demise of your own success, and have an all access pass to all the bells and whistles you need to start your own movement, from the ground up… all right at your finger tips.

It almost sounds too good to be true.  And it almost is.  If the Internet and self-promotional websites (such as YouTube and Twitter) are your machines and utensils to cook up a fulfilling career, then what are the secrets to the recipe that really make it healthy, tasteful, and standout from the rest?

There are three magical ingredients to make your way into the  ‘D.I.Y. Career Hall of Fame Bakery’: time, talent, and determination.  You definitely need to have raw talent to spice it up, the determination to sit down and bulldoze your way through the Internet, and have the patience to let your concept bake in the minds of the people for a hours… until, whaaa laaaa, when the timer “bings” to let you know it has finally cooked long enough, and it’s now your time to shine.

Alas, this recipe to success is no secret.  Within the past couple years many young, talented individuals have rose to fame through the internet’s open ended cookbook.  Off the top of my head, and tip of my tongue, some of my personal favorite hip hop stars that have used this platform for success are; Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa and Lil B the Based God.  But let it be known that this is nothing new to our local Coachella Valley music scene either.  In fact, this is a format that all too familiar and real for two local hip hop talents, Provoked and Pimpin Quinn.

Over the past year Pimpin Quinn and Provoked have seen their fan base build and futures unfold right in front of their eyes.  It’s been a steady climb ever since the day Pimpin Quinn approached Provoked about some music projects that he had to get off his chest.  The first release of of a collaboration between the two was when Provoked produced a YouTube video filmed at College of the Desert of Pimpin Quinn rapping and using an electrical box as a drum at the same time.  As simple in conception as it was, it was a hit, literally.  The video showcased Pimpin Quinn’s raw talent and Provoked’s (who is a well known hip hop figure in the local music community) faith in him so it was only natural that the video spread very quickly on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook pages, resulting in the video, titled Pimpin Quinn Part 1, to have over 3,000 hits today.  The success of the first YouTube ignited their determination to produce more videos, perform live in front of audiences, and finally get into the studio to record an album.

In their debut mixtape together titled, It’s Been Official, the two produce a product that is bound to blow.  World famous music blogs are already linked in and on top of the duo.  This past week East of LA, released an album review stating that It’s Been Official is “jam packed with hype party tracks with hints of Pimpin Quinn’s O.G. swag.”  Sounds like the sweet smell of success is just upon the horizon.

Before the two blow up in an (online) ‘explosion’, I wanted to be able to catch up with them and get to know their story, beyond what has been told through their lyrics and YouTube releases.

So, without further ado… I present to you…  Pimpin Quinn and Provoked….

INTERVIEW: Pimpin Quinn & Provoked

Let’s start from the top.  Tell me the story of how you guys met.

Pimpin Quinn:  We met in 2004 through mutual friends.

Provoked:  Yeah, we met back in 2004.  I use to stay away from him cause he was so active! (haha ) Really though….

Well, good thing that you guys did.  Looks like you guys have good creative chemistry, being that after you two got together and started making music and putting the videos on Youtube that  you guys started landing some really cool gigs and traveling some more.  In fact, tell me about some of your most recent gigs.

Pimpin Quinn: Our most recent gig was opening for Ray J at Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs. On Friday, September 17th we are doing a performance for the kids of The Fred Young Club in Indio, CA with live news coverage.

Provoked:  All I really wanna talk about is Quinn at the University of California, Irvine. That was one of the most groundbreaking shows I’ve ever seen.  As I introduced him to almost a thousand people, a lot of them already knew who he was before I said his name, not to mention they were screaming his lyrics. The reason this was so crazy was because he hadn’t had one song recorded, all the lyrics they knew were from the the YouTube videos. Impressive for being his second performance, at this point I had chills because I realized the vision of the “5 video series” worked.

Pimpin Quinn staring in his "Part 4" YouTube video, with 1,000 views and counting

In these past gigs, you two perform separately… Pimpin Quinn does his thing and Provoked does his. With this new album, It’s Been Official, you two are coming out as a team.  What brought this to be?

Pimpin Quinn:  At first I refused to get in the studio, because everybody’s trying to be a rapper now-a-days! But, after we put up the 5 videos on Provoked TV and got rave reviews everyone wanted to know how I sounded on a track, so it only made sense for my first project to be with Provoked.

Provoked:  One thing people never knew was what our connection is or how we know each other.  Pimpin Quinn and I have known eachother for years but had lost touch for a while. He got back in touch with me with some ideas because he knew I had been doing the music thing. The first thing he did when he saw me was kick a beat on his chest and spit a verse, I was stunned. I instantly had a vision and told him in these exact words, “5 videos, that’s all it’s gonna take”. The response he got was insane. By the time the 5thvideo was out, there were a lot of people wanting to record him. Even though I was busy around the time of making the mixtape I tried my best to make it a priority to put something out for him. Once we did the first song “So Fresh” we realized how well him, Source1st, Tavo y Tevan and I worked together. I told him, “pack your bags and get ready to hit studio for one full week to finish the mixtape,” and we did. Finishing, writing and recording everything in one week  is something I’ve never done. It was definitely the most fun I’ve had working on a project since I started recording in 2007. I think for me, it’s mainly to let people know I don’t single myself out to one style.  It’s something different coming from me because my sound in the past has been more on the “conscious” side most would say. But I want everyone to know that I just wanna make good quality music. I’ve talked to DJ Day and Alf Alpha about doing projects with them after this. Bottom line everything I’m saying is honest, and I think doing this project with Pimpin Quinn was a perfect way to showcase that side of me. I’ve been working for U-92.7 for almost three years now and feel like I’ve never had anything to play that was appropriate for radio rotation, it’s time now.

Provoked performing live this YouTube video. Provoked has his past 3 years of his music career documented on YouTube.

Beyond your current project, It’s Been Official, the two of you have different musical styles.  Provoked known for his conscious hip hop, and Pimpin Quinn for his gangsta rap.  This album seems to show off your diversity as MCs… as it is more of a ‘club banger’, ‘radio hit’ album.  Was that your goal?

Pimpin Quinn: Overall the goal was to make good music… they just so happened to be “club bangers” and “radio hits”.

Provoked:  I just wanted to do something different.  The easiest thing for me to do is talk about some ‘day to day’ type shit. The live performance will tell all.

Where did you record the album?  And who all was involved in the project?

The Cove, La Quinta Ca.  With Source 1st, Tavo y Tevan, and Ivan Canevaro.

What does ‘It’s Been Official’ mean?  What does it refer to?

Pimpin Quinn: Instant success and gratification.

Provoked:  It’s been official for Quinn since the day he started. Sarah Scheideman and Alf Alpha know how I came up with the idea: Phish Festival ’09,  I told them, “It’s been official, and it will be beneficial.” (haha)

Pimpin Quinn's first "official" solo music video simply titled, "Pimpin Quinn Music Video"

What can we expect to see from Pimpin Quinn and Provoked in the future?


Any shout outs?

Pimpin Quinn: Provoked, DJ Serious Business, King Leonard (10mile.com), Gopi (Eastofla.com), 3rdman, Christian Quincy (web design), Tavo y Tevan and Source 1st (production).

Provoked: The people who made it possible… Pimpin Quinn, Source 1st, Tavo y Tevan, Ivan and Alex Canevaro, Chelana Ysiano, Ant Dog and everyone at U-92.7, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, and East of LA.

Provoked's People Are Strange music video has well over 20,000 views

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