There’s nothing better than seeing your community’s art scene blow up.  Of course, I am speaking hypothetically, as we are not literally being blown to pieces, but it seems like lately everyone’s piece of the pie is coming together.  As each person brings their contribution to the table, together we realize that we are slowly but surely building an empire.  Forget our decade long reputation of too many retirees and nothing to do… that’s sooo two years ago! Now, in 2010, we are world wide known for shout outs in Katy Perry and Snoop Dog’s hit single, “California Gurls”, poolside afternoons at the Ace, and an art community that is always in bloom.  Hmmm…. I don’t know about you, but this pretty much sounds like that happiest place on earth to me.


A poetry reading at the Palm Springs Art Museum from 5p-8p: Phantom Seed is a literary magazine embodying the essence and possibilities of the California (and other) deserts. Published twice a year in Palm Springs – the Mojave Desert, it contains quality, edgy and humorous pieces by emerging and established writers.  Come celebrate the publication of ISSUE 4 featuring poetry & prose!

Forget New York Fashion Week!  It’s all about the hair, makeup and art show that our local favorite, Chakra Aveda Hair Studio, is putting on to benefit The American Cancer Society.  The party is being hosted in the Ace Hotel’s Commune.  Tickets being sold, make sure to get their quick!

After you hit up Forces Collide make sure to crash DJ Day’s weekly event in the Amigo Room!  You know what it is… good music, good taste, good drinks.

No doubt about it, desert hip hop is on the rise!  We love it.  Back in action at Space 120 are your local celebrities.  Make sure to go out and support.


I love this flyer so much!!!!  It’s so swagged out.  I’ll let the flyer do all the talking…

DJ Howie Pyro is the bomb.

Who’s gonna be in the hhooouuuussseee!?!


Hey now!!! Look who teamed up again for our monthly party at the Ace Hotel! Alf Alpha X The Coachella Valley Art Scene X Ace Hotel…. sounds like fun to me – that’s for sure.  We wouldn’t promote it if we didn’t believe in it.  Come on out and support your scene.


Sunday afternoons in the Coachella Valley art pretty epic.