It’s Always Sunny in Palm Springs.

Last weekend one of my good friends from out of town came to visit me for the Discotheque event.  We hung out and I showed him around the next day.  I gave him a nice rundown of what 760 lifestyle is all about in a six hour time-span.  It was pretty awesome.  After we were done hanging out, and before he got in his car to drive back home, he confessed to me that he thought the desert had “crazy amounts of “swag”. (Translation: he thought it was super hip, cool, unique and raw)  I couldn’t help but smile, I felt like I had converted him to my religion.  A somewhat well-known one, that is based off of believing that my hometown is the best place in California… this is the religion that I practice on the daily… aka The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This weekend, go ahead and feel comfortable expressing that inner “desert swag” that you were born with.  It’s in your bone marrow.  All you gotta do is extract it.  First step to extracting it is to let it ooze out.  Then you gotta wear it on your sleeve.  This can also mean wearing it on your chest (similar to the way the ladies pictured above do it).  However, or whatever ways, you feel comfortable rocking your ‘desert swag’… go ahead and dust off your shoulders and do so.

Support your local promoters, artists, and supporting venues:


DJ day – a desert classique.  He’s such a rock star, party rocker, Pisces.  (hehe)

What’s better than watching someone else perform on stage?!?!  If you ask me, close to nothing.  Nothing like watching brilliant minds work their magic right in front of you.  So, so, so, so glad to see a theater up-rise in the desert!  You go Azi Premiere!


First thing that comes to my head when I see this flyer is: a true desert punk rock party.  I mean, this is going to be pretty damn epic.  The energy at this party is going to just blow your brains out.  Slipping Into Darkness is one of my favorite bands, Shannon and the Clams is way too damn adorable, and My Pet Saddle… well, let’s just say they are the shhiizzznniittt.  If you know what’s good for yourself, but bad for your health, then you will be at this party.

If you feel like dancing – look no further.  Space is the place, yo.  Electro never leaves the dance floor empty, either.

And if you’re thinking…. I need to chill out.  I need to hear some crackle come from 45 inch vinyl tonight… then Howie Pyro can satisfy that craving.  Get ready to howl.

Sorry the flyer is so small, I couldn’t find anything bigger on the internet.  Anyways, a desert hip hop artist that was featured last week on the CVAS blog, Provoked, will be rocking the stage this Friday.  It’s the Urban Underground’s 4 Year Anniversary.  Props, guys!  If you itching to get out of town, take a trip up to LA and support your local artist.


FREE FILM SCREENING!! “Everyone is invited to bring a blanket, bring your friends and family and enjoy this Steven Spielberg classic film under the stars at Sunrise Park in Palm Springs. Admission is FREE, seating is on a first come, first served basis.  There will be a Q&A following the screening with special guest, Michael Phillips, the film’s producer. Sunrise Park, Palm Springs 7:00pm – 11:00pm.

If you are looking to get down and dirty with your bad self, then come on down to the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  The DJ (from LA) will be bringing the big city feel of flashing lights and upbeat parties.  Bring those dance shoes.


Summer is not over!  The party continues on at the Ace Hotel!!  All you gotta do is rub on that sunblock and it’s on.

The flyer is super duper small, however, you should be able to read the small details is you click on it.  This Sunday at 8:00pm J Dee’s Landing is hosting a music and art show.  Go check it out!


Free lessons on how to be fabulous at the Ace Hotel.  The instructor?  Linda Fabulous.  Duh.


Special Show! Tuesday 9/28 @ 9PM.  KCRW Presents: CONOR OBERST w/ special guest The Felice Brothers. ADVANCE TICKETS TO THIS SHOW ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. We MAY have some tickets at the door AFTER ALL TICKET HOLDERS ARE IN. This is an all ages event. Tickets are $20.00. Do not miss Conor Oberst featuringThe Felice Brothers as the backing band! This is a very unique once in a lifetime performance at the legendary Pappy & Harriet’s! The Felice Brothers will also be opening this amazing show.

53688 Pioneertown Rd

Pioneertown, CA 92268

(760) 365-5956

Belch it out, holler, scream… whatever you do, just make sure to say it, don’t spray it.

Thank you all for spending another week with us on the Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We are sooo busy this week, it’s incredible, and very unexpected.  So, we are very sorry if we are taking longer then expected to update the site.  We haven’t been near a computer for days.  Sounds so tragic, right?  Almost un-human or unnatural, right?  Make sure to email us some stuff you got going on, we’d love to hear from you!