Special Coachella Valley Art Scene Eye Witness News!

This just in! Around 7:00am this morning there was the most gorgeous, jaw dropping, cloud formage and colors in the sky.  It’s been terribly hot these past couple of days, but sites like these sometimes make it all worth it.

All photos posted below have been taken by Coachella Valley Art Scene undercover ninjas.  Most are from their cell phones, all are from different neighborhoods throughout the Coachella Valley, and were taken pretty much within 20 minutes of each other!

When Mother Nature puts on a show, she sure does let you know who the greatest artist of all time is!

photo taken by Claudia Lopez

photo taken by Max Durazo

photo taken by Ashley Emerson

photo taken by Ashley Emerson

photo by Kimberly Nichols

… and now back to the program…