This week we bundle up and pump it out.

There is nothing that inspires a writer/blogger/journalist more than some nice grey skies and colder weather.  Just give me a comfy couch, a blanket, hot tea, my laptop and watch me crank out some of my best work.

However, all good things must come to an end.  This includes weather seasons, and blog posts.  So before we retreat back to some of the (more typical for this time) mid 90’s temperatures later this weekend, we over here at the CVAS blog have decided to keep this week ‘chill’ by focusing on all things around town that make our insides feel warm and cozy.

Get ready to snuggle up to your computer screen, we got all sorts of things to heat up your insides this week:

1.  Ten, Ten, Ten. This Sunday makes calendar history as the date will read, 10/10/10.  This is also a significant date for all those who study Numerology, as 3 is believed to be a powerful number.  Whatever your beliefs are, or aren’t, do know that this Sunday in the Coachella Valley is full of all types of events that are worth celebrating the first ever in history… 10/10/10.  (:-P)

2.  Tangible Dreams.  There is no better feeling, or piece of advice, then knowing that your dreams can actually be a reality.  Dream it, want it, and eventually you can be it.  This weekend, a local business, Fresh Out the Box, is hosting an art show titled, Tangible Dream State and will feature two local street artists from the Coachella Valley.  We are pretty stoked on this as both of the featured artist have really inspirational stories and both have put in the work to make their dreams come true.  Stay tuned for even more details of this show.

3. Artist Spotlight: Cooper & Campbell. Speaking of art shows…. Cooper & Campbell are two well-known local artists who recently have teamed up and are about to embark in a new journey together. This male/female combo is sure to be an interesting one, I personally love observing how well male and female counterparts feed into and complete one another.  This Thursday, the two will showcase their complete package at the El Paseo Art Walk (yeah, El Paseo has an art walk and you should go) in their most recent collaboration, Collision.  Sound abrupt and epic?  Well, it will be.

4.  Free Foreign Film Screenings. The Palm Springs Art Museum swings back into action this week by bringing back the famous free foreign film screenings.  Every Thursday we travel to another country via the big screen.  Also, take note that this Sunday is a FREE  2nd Sundays at the museum.  This means you and all of your friends can hang for free and check out some good stuff.  Plus, they are screening another film on Sunday as well!  Come back for all the details.

5.  Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival. If the roots of the Joshua Trees could talk, what would they say?  What would they sound like?  We are guessing they would sound a little bit like psychedelic folk music.  And that’s exactly what the Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival is going to sound like too!  Make sure you know what’s going down, up the hill this Saturday.  Music, art, great food, and Joshua Tree = match made in heaven.

6.  What’s up with the Date Farmers? Our good friends, and major source of inspiration, the Date Farmers have been very busy these past couple months out in Los Angeles.  Many people have asked us, “What are they up to?  What are they working on?” Well, they are working on their biggest art show to date.  It’s very exciting, and the details will be given this week.  So stay tuned!!

7.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous. There is a new ‘Friday Night’ in the desert, it’s called Wednesday Night.  Over the past couple months we have seen Wednesday Nights completely transform from nights where we all sat in front of the television, to fun nights out on the town.  And we love it!!  You can either get down to some electronic music, or mash out with the punk kids.  It’s your choice to try something new… all you gotta do is show up.

8.  Commercial Break. New skate videos, old comedic videos, new kids, old scenes, all here on the Commercial Break.

9.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. This weekend we got art show, we got music venues, we got this, we got that, we got an action packed weekend that we are inviting you and your friends to. So, come.