Tomorrow night is no night to sit on the couch and eat your potato chips.  No, no, no…. besides, that was soooo two years ago when people even ate potato chips.  Now, in 2010, people are out and about, on the town and in the night spots… soaking up real culture, not television airwaves.

This Wednesday night in Palm Springs doesn’t fall short of venues and shows to soak up.  You can have your stab at either a punk rock party, or an electro get down.  Whichever you like, or want to explore more of, is all right here.  All you gotta do is hit that off switch on your television switch and get that booty out the door.


Space 120

120 E Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA

Two thumbs up!  It’s electronic music night at Space 120 this Wednesday.  Make sure to check out 12th Planet and friends.  The night starts at 9pm, goes till 2am.  Is 21+ to get in, and don’t leave that $5 at home, kids.

The Amigo Room

inside the Ace Hotel 701 E Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA

In case you haven’t heard, War Drum has been added to tomorrow night’s show with The Town Troubles plus they’ve got a special guest DJ from New York. Come get your New York swag on.