‘storm is coming’ by chuck french
‘Diamond in the back.  Sunroof top.  Diggin the scene with a gangsta lean…’
Once you can learn to appreciate all the luxury you are living in, and stop sweating the small stuff, that’s when life really starts getting fun.  Shed the unneccisary and free yourself.  It’s easy, all you gotta be is thankful for what you got.  Even if you don’t drive ‘a great big Cadelliac, gangsta white walls, with TV antennas in the back…’ you do live in one of the most gorgeous places in all of Southern California that has much to offer…


I found this on Facebook and loved it so much that I had to share it with you: Zombie Fans…..Let’s All Unite!
We are a Zombie Fan Collective that will meet at the corner of Amado & Palm Canyon Dr. 8 PM, October 14,2010. Dress up and come join the “flesh eating” flash mob. Or allow us to help you with your costume. This is something you will never forget. It’s unique and the first of it’s kind to be attempted in Palm Springs,CA. We would like to pay homage to Director George A. Romero……It will only take thirty minutes of your undead life.
What you will need:A ravaged outift COVERED in blood + white face make-up to make a pale face + Have Dark Eyes + Moan + Get Creative with it!  THEN AFTER THE ZOMBIE WALK…….. join us at JDee’s Landing for A NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD DANCE PARTY!  JDee’s Landing  340 N. Palm Canyon Dr.  Palm Springs, CA


Do your research on Lil B the Based God.  And then get in your car and make it to this show.  It’s going to be soooooo wild.  plus, Alf Alpha is DJing the whole night.  SWAG!


Art Show Alert: “Suburbia Lost” is a collection of work built primarily from found and personal objects, combined with paint, black light and projection. This one night show will feature a sneak preview – the first piece from the new series “The Secret Language of Laundry”.  dandroid will also be playing.  Saturday, October 16 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm, The home of Mr. Flynn Hennes  74-815 Waring Court  Palm Desert, CA