Check out some of the beautiful photos of beautiful people surrounded by beautiful art taken by a Coachella Valley gem, Ken Foto.

Ken Foto has really been doing a great job of documenting all of the independent artsy action here in the desert these past two weeks.  See what the man has been up to recently:

Party Recap of the Desert Rat Art Exhibition:

flyer for the Desert Rat Art Exhibition that happened last Friday

Johnny 5000 + friend at Desert Rat Art Show, art by Kylie Knight

guests at the pop up show, Desert Rat Art Exhibition

guests at Desert Rat Art Exhibition

Mammal plays at the Desert Rat Art Exhibition

Ian, Kylie and Jos... chattin

KC enjoys art

Alex of The Ghost Channel loves art!!!!

Carlos Munoz is the Man!!!

the next batch of photos are from the forever growing and developing night at the Amigo Room in Palm Springs, Lucha Libre, hosted by the Ace Hotel and The Ghost Channel!

Party Recap of Lucha Libre Wednesdays at the Amigo Room:

moving and groooooving inside The Amigo Room at Ace Hotel

Big Lizard (from Indio, CA) performs at the Amigo Room

Big Lizard looking fierce

that's passion, my friends

The Town Troubles (from Indio, CA) also performed

some super kewl chicks at the show

boys on the loose

All photos featured above were taken by the talented, Ken Foto.

Please make sure to check out Ken’s work at:

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