Good Morning and welcome back to another week here at The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This week we present many fun and interesting things… such as awesome skate videos, tons of Halloween parties, nice weather, and cool photos to look at.  Sounds like a good week, right?  I think it’s safe to say that about everything in the Coachella Valley right about now.  Life is just …. well…. life is beautiful.  Care to join?…

1.  1,000th Post. This being the 999th, our next one is will be our 1,000th.  Photos of things that will inspire us are to come.

2.  The Desert Skate Life$tyle. It’s not enough to just announce that Toy Machine and their entire squad will be out here on Thursday screening their latest skate video, Brain Wash, at the Ace Hotel.  No, definitely not.  In addition to talking about the epic skate screening, we will also be including cool footage from local skaters and even a little write about about a certain someone who is doing some pretty cool things on Volcom.  More to come…

3.  Dia De Los Muertos.  Party people, let’s not forget about Dia De Los Muertos.  This year both the East end of the valley and the West end of the valley will be hosting large scale Dia De Los Muertos events.  They are free to the community and full of rich cultural significance.  Cheers!

4.  Party Recaps. There has been a great splurge of super cool artsy fartsy events going on around town lately.  Possible a celebration of a new season?  I think so.  Anyways, all of these events have been beautifully captured by photographers and documentarians a like, so here we are to share all of this with you…. more to come.

5.  Do Over x Palm Springs. The uber famous Sunday afternoon party, the Do Over, might be over for the rest of the year in Los Angeles, but it looks like the party is just getting started this week in Palm Springs.  This week at DJ Day’s weekly party, Reunion, he invites Jamie Strong the man behind the Do Over!  Maybe they are scouting locations to continue the party?  Maybe I am just coming down with a serious case of wishful thinking?  Maybe you can’t blame me?…

6.  Get Outta Town. Although I am sure nobody wants to leave town now (too beautiful of weather), the Palm Springs Art Museum is still pumping out free foreign films for all who care to escape.  Travel to foreign lands via the bog screen.  All going down this Thursday evening inside the Annenberg Theater.

7.  Raging Parties. It’s Halloween and there are going to be a million raging parties here in the desert!  Okay, so maybe not a million and maybe they won’t be raging, but I know for a fact there are a ton of Halloween parties going on and all of them will be fun.  This Thursday we lay the long list of party locations out to dry on the blog.

8.  Sounds of the Desert. Special feature coming right up.  Don’t sleep.

9.  Commercial Break. Youtubes and grooves from around the Coachella Valley.  Our own little TV channel…

10.  Randoms. You never know what will pop up… so stay tuned at all times!

11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Yeah, it’s Halloween… but there’s still a bunch of other celebrations going on.  Come back this Thursday to close the week out with us.