This past Saturday there was a raging party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  It took place inside the Amigo Room.

Super star, world famous, and marathon DJ, ALF ALPHA, rocked the party all night.  He had it crackin’ at 10:00pm and took the crowd on an epic party musical journey and dance workout until 1:45 am when the lights came on and we had to practically push the people out the doors.

Everyone was dressed up, looking great, and having a really good time.

You could either go inside and rage with the party people, or choose to chill out outside under the desert’s night sky next to the pool.  Not to mention, we (The Coachella Valley Art Scene) were outside, offering a FREE arts and craft tables full of art supplies for everyone to dive into and express themselves with.  Some people actually made their Halloween costumes at the craft table, some added accessories to their costumes, and most just made cool things that had nothing to do with Halloween at all!  It was really cool for us to be able to make art with you guys, it’s amazing the amount of creativity that is just bubbling up inside you just waiting to explode – all you needed  were the tools to make it happen.  Glad to have filled that void for ya.

Here are just a few photos from the night!  To check out even more, make sure to visit our photo albums on Facebook:

So, where do we start?  The night actually started off pretty chill.  As soon as I set up the craft table, people were already there and ready to get down on some art!  It was pretty rad.

Within the first 30 minutes of being open, people were already making some really amazing stuff!  Check these two out:

Pretty cool, right?!?! They definitely got the craft vibe going.  Good job guys!

So, since it looked like the craft table was under control, I decided to let me Craft Table Assistant watch over the table as I made my way around the party…

… she may or may not be a mannequin.

I went inside the Amigo Room and was shocked at the amount of people getting down.  I have never seen the Amigo Room so full of life!  It was so fun!

DJ Alf Alpha was killin’ it!

I moved and grooved my way through the crowd.  Got a little sweaty, then headed back outside to my craft table…

The craft table was just as happening as the dance floor!  So much good stuff was being made…

Check out the amazing crown that Ruthie made!

He accidentally hot glue gunned those pom poms onto his nipples.  Whoops.  Cute headband, though!  He really made great use of the feathers we had.

This guy made a couple great accessories for the night; a necklace, arm band, and headband.

Live art!

Amongst all the cool art pieces being made, there was even a little romance in the making…

CRystal and my Craft Table Assistant starting to dance the night away.  So, I let them do their thing and made my way into the Amigo Room to catch the last end of the party, and get my dance on as well!

By this time, the party was raging!

(do you see that guy on the right sporting the headband he made at the craft table??  pretty awesome if you ask me.)

And then… before you knew it… 1:30am hit.  The party was still pumping, there was no stoping this crowd.  However, once the lights came on at 1:45am we all got the hint and started to make our way out the door…

Last photo of the night: Alf Alpha looking totally relaxed after DJing a raging party for 4 hours straight.  What a Virgo!

Thanks again to everyone who came out!  We enjoyed rocking with you all, and crafting with you too!  Make sure to come out to our next event…. our XXXmas party on December 25th!!!  Yay!

See you then!!

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Thanks again!