Don’t be scared.  It’s on Dinosaurs with musical instruments.  No harm, no foul.  Just good ol’ rock ‘n roll.  Who ever said that Dinosaurs didn’t have soul?

And who ever said that it was a good idea to put up fast food restaurants around our Dinosaurs on the side of the 10 Freeway????


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!!! This party is dedicated to you.  EVERYONE is invited!  Check out the details: The Ghost Channel presents:  November 11th, 2010  The Annual Johnny 5000 Birthday Bash!!!  featuring: Circle Pit (Sydney, Australia) , Keyser Soze,  Big Lizard , The Town Troubles, Come wish Johnny 5000 a Happy Birthday!!!  J Dee’s Landing  340 N Palm Canyon Dr  Palm Springs, CA 92262  9pm//21+//$5

Starting on Thursday night and going all the way to Sunday afternoon.  Hop on the West Coast Love Tarin! Toot toot!



The Cold War Kids! At Pappy & Harriets!  with We Barbarians!  TICKETS ARE $20 and available @ by clicking on this link! or calling P & H 760-365-5956.  THIS IS AN ALL AGES EVENT.

Somewhere in the Ocotillo Desert…. a cool party is happening.  Here’s the info: Liquid Geometry Presents: Haloa.  Featuring: Pilots , Wild Pack of Canaries, Meseta , Brown and Blue  , Lazy Mary , Fort Wife , Sludge Butt , Demon Slayer , Misk , No Hablo , The Jerry Olea Trio , New Lights by Dead Vines , Healing Mystical Science Collective , Little Desert , Tan Sister Radio , Incognito Sofa Love , & Thy Squid.
Haloa is being held in honor of the birth of Dionysus. As such, it will be a time for humanity to unite under the spirit of SHEDDING our humanity and acquiescing to the primal instincts innately held in us all.
Haloa is free. We look to entirely drop the commerce-based societal dogma in favor of adapting to a resource-based bartering system. Bring things to share such as water, beer, food, and gifts.
Prepare to camp overnight. We will create a village of tents.
The idea is to have a collective of creative minds working together to show each other ideas, concepts, philosophies, and emotions that we all experience but simultaneously lack the ability to fully comprehend.
Things we need: – Live Artists – Light Sculptures – Lights – A sub – Photographers – Videographers – NO MORE BANDS
Joe 619.201.0210


Kylie Knight kills on flyers!!!

Pick a flyer any flyer – just a flyer!!! Raging party times here we come.

Thank you all for being so supportive of our movement and always tuning in to what we got going on.  We appreciate everything!  Please feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions, cool photos, cool links, whatevz yo…. thecoachellavalleyartscene