Rise and shine Coachella Valley!!

I know that (the intro sentence above) is typically a phrase that is a lot easier said then done, but this week in particular is unique because there are so many reasons to get out of bed and start your daily early, and actually look forward to it.  So many things to get excited about!… which ones shall we start with first?… Hmmm….

Well, let’s give a round of applause to the people in charge of creating the concept of time for giving us an extra hour.  That right there helps me get up with a bit more ease, that’s for sure.  Let’s also give a hoot and holler to the Indio Performing Arts Center for opening their doors to the Coachella Valley Art Scene.  And last but not least, let’s raise the roof for the fact that SOMETHING FROM NOTHING IS BACK!

See – we told you there was something worth waking up for….

1.  SOMETHING FROM NOTHING IS BACK! You didn’t doubt us that we could/would bring it back – did you?  Shoooooooooot…. of course we are.  We wouldn’t do ya dirty like that.  We are just sorry it took this long to announce it.  It took a couple of doors closed on us to finally have the perfect one open… and that particular to open up for us was the Indio Performing Arts Center!  December 19th!!!  More details later this week.

2.  Wednesday’s Night Rendezvous. Man, this week there are sooo many good shows going on it’s kinda crazy.  The shows responsible for adding the fuel to the fire this week are the Wednesday night shows at Space 120 and Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  They are going to be wild – just a fair warning.

3.  KCRW all up in the 760. Yeah, okay so it’s old news that we are the lucky chosen ones to have KCRW broadcasted through the radio airwaves in the Coachella Valley… but, it is bran new news that Jeremy Sole (one of my personal favorite KCRW DJs) will be performing LIVE this Thursday at the Ace Hotel for DJ Day x Ace Hotel’s Reunion at the Amigo Room. Nothin’ like the real thing baby… ain’t nothin’ like the real thiiiing…

4.  Easts Meets West. So, Epidemic (our fav skate team in the world) went on a trip from the Coachella Valley to Arizona this past weekend.  An eastern desert excursion.  What was the outcome?  The vibe?  The beauty?  The mystique? that separates our desert from Arizona’s desert?  Epidemic tell you via visuals later this week.  Stay tuned.

5.  This week at the PSAM. The Palm Springs Art Museum is super awesome in my opinion for offering free foreign films each week.  Pretty rad, right?  I mean… there is nothing like a heart/tear jerker on the big screen.  Beats my laptop, that’s for sure.  Anyways, this week not only does the museum offer another free film, but they also have some Video Projects up for opening and free architecture lectures.  Make sure to stay tuned into the CVAS this week for the low down.

6.  A Flea in Her Ear. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a flea in her ear… it’s a College of the Desert theater performance!  And you are invited!!!  This weekend is the big kick off and we got all the info ready to share with you.  Treat yourself to theater, it’s quite yummy.

7.  Sounds of the Desert. We got some new music (tons of music, actually) for you.  Your ipod can thank us later.

8.  Beefy Blog of the Month. I was just going to pick a couple photos off my new favorite blog based out in the desert and make it an “Explorations of the Desert” feature, but when I started going through all the photos I wanted to feature for the post and it ended up being close to 20….. way too big for a single Explorations of the Desert post.  So, then I realized – “Hey, this is one heck of a Beefy Blog!” and that is how the Beefy Blog of the Month was born.

9.  Randoms. Who knows what might pop up this week on the blog… things are moving so fast… sometimes I get dizzy.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Let me tell you something – this Thursday in the desert (more specifically Palm Springs) is going to be crack-a-lackin!  (Should I be embarrassed that I used that word? Hmmm…) Well, you get what I mean.  I’m hype and at a loss for words.  There are three really amazing shows going on that night – all are completely different from the next.  I love it!!!  Can’t wait to tell you all about it.