Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!  We had a great weekend, such a great one that we had to start this week a little late (a.k.a. we partied hard and have taken two days to catch up on our sleep/sanity).  But, it’s all gravy.  Hey, speaking of gravy, this week is Thanksgiving!  And it really couldn’t have came at a better time.  This past weekend made me so thankful for all of you out there who continue to support and encourage the art scene beyond just reading from a distance…. seeing you all in person, in real life, coming together as a community was (and always is) a beautiful thing.  It really made me even more proud to be apart of this bigger movement and inspired me to work harder.  Seriously, you guys inspire me.

Anyways, before I get all teary-eyed and mushy on you guys… I just want to say that I am very thankful for all that this blog has taught me, places that it’s led me, and the cool people I’ve met through it.  Plus, I am so thankful that I get to share my passion and my art … journalism/blogging/gibber gabbing/freestyle writing … with all of you on a daily basis!  It’s really freeing for me. (whoops, looks like I ended up getting teary-eyed and mushy on you anyways…)

Whatever holidays you do or don’t celebrate, with or without your family or friends, just make sure to take the time this week to pay thanks to all that you are grateful for.  In my opinion, that’s what it’s all about – a time for reflection and gratitude.

Alright – enough with all this cheesiness!  Let’s get down to the skin and bones….

1.  World Famous Party Recap.  This past Saturday at the Ace Hotel was nothing short of greatness!!!  We had such a great time!  Not only did DJ Alf Alpha keep the party pumping all night long, but we also had the DIY crafts table go off as well.  So, there was some performance art going down on the dance floor and some live interactive group art going on outside, all infused with stiff drinks from the bar  it doesn’t get much better than that!  We have all the photos to show ya.  Stay tuned.

2.  Desert Rock Series at the IPAC Recap. The Desert Rock Series at the IPAC was everything that I thought it was going to be – BAD ASS!!!  It was a total success and I was an awe of all the bands that performed.  I have been watching these bands over the past two years and the amount of progress they have all been making is so wonderful.  To see them all perform this past Sunday was thrilling because everyone was on their A game – it was great.  Cheers to everyone who performed and came out to support.  It was a night to remember and one that will go down in the books for sure.  This week we give you text, photos, and VIDEOS!!!

3.  Community Field Trip to Ace Gallery on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles on December 11th!!! Whose down?!?  We need to get the ball rolling on the first ever The Coachella Valley Art Scene Community Field Trip.  Where is this bus going??  To the Date Farmer’s big gallery opening at Ace Gallery on December 11th.  We are trying to organize a bus that will pick everyone up in one location in the desert and then bus us all in to Los Angeles, spend about 3 hours in LA at the show, and then take everyone back home.  We are estimating that this will cost about $20-30 per person.  All the details will be up this week, so start saving those dollar bills!!!  Here is the info about the show: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108235659237570

4.  Fan Page! Sooooo…. four scores and seven years ago I made a Facebook page for The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  I made this page like, I dunno, more than a year ago.  Anyways, this page that I made was a “real person page.”  Looking back, I should have made a “Fan Page”, but I really didn’t know I was going to reach 3,000 friends so quickly!  So, anyways, flash forward to now… I just made a Fan Page that I would like you all to be a part of.  I’ll give you more info later, but here is the link for now: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Coachella-Valley-Art-Scene/167596199941453

5.  In Town for Turkey?  So, it’s Thanksgiving and the Grandparents live in the desert and here you are… and blah blah blah… you’re kinda bored.  Yeah, trust me, I know the feeling.  but, have no fear – your favorite Coachella Valley blog is here!!! This week we point out some cool stuff to do around town with your family.  Cool stuff that’s under the radar… so to speak.

6.  Pop Up Shops! Black Friday doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds, and you don’t have to give your money to big corporations!  No!  Fight the power of temptation.  We show you where you can go to support local business and some secret locations where some super legit pop up shops will be.  Plus, I mean, giving your hard earned money to corporations is sooooooo not in this year.  Duh.

7.  Desert Rats. There are some new kids in town (okay, let me clarify, they were probably born and raised here, but they just surfaced on the Internet as movers and shakers) who just released a pretty sick skate video.  We not only tips our hats to them, but also word you up on upcoming events where you can see cool kids/rats/whatevs do tricks like that in real life.  Did we mention this involves your favorite, DJ Alf Alpha, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, Epidemic, The Ace Hotel, and No Age???  Yeah, now I got your attention, don’t I?..

8.  Sounds of the Desert. What does the desert sound like via a music producer tucked away in his bedroom studio?? We give you the inside scoop this week.

9.  Explorations of the Desert.  Punk rock from Palm Springs to Indio.  From Indio to Palm Springs, from Palm Springs to Desert Hot Springs, from Desert Hot Springs to Mecca.  Okay, okay, you get the point…. all over.

10.  Randoms. I got some really random information I am going to share with you all.  So random that it might not even make sense.

11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. This Thursday is not just Thanksgiving, it’s the beginning to a cool party weekend in the desert as well.  Because, well, we all know how it goes…. after surviving Grandma’s turkey dinner you really need  a couple stiff drinks to wash it all down with.