Hello and welcome back to the program.  Last week we dipped out of town and up to Santa Cruz to celebrate the holidays with our family.  It was great – but, I did get a little homesick.  It was… I dunno… too cold!!!  True desert rat, right?!?  No denying that.

Anyways, it’s great to be back!  And what’s even better about being back is the fact that there are soooooo many good things going on this week it’s borderline overwhelming.  But, have no fear, I think I can compose myself.

From good food, to skateboard contests, to making your own vinyl stickers, to jamming out to DJ Alf Alpha and No Age, to shmoozing and boozing at local art shows…. it’s all really going down this week/end in the desert and we are super hype on it!!!  (<— does the excess amount of exclamations give it away?)

Alright – enough with all this blabber jabber that I’m feeding you… let’s get down to the nitty gritty!:

1.  Skate Competition ft. Epidemic + The Coachella Valley Art Scene + Alf Alpha. Let me just warn you now… this Saturday is going to be super duper DOPE!  It’s going to be the biggest skate competition of the year… featuring, bit just skaters… but.. also… (drum roll, please)… DJ Alf Alpha providing tunes and The Coachella Valley Art Scene providing free DIY crafts!!!  We will be providing rolls of different colored vinyl stickers for all of you to make your own stickers with!!  Then, you can take your new sticker and smack that bad boy on your deck and call it a day.  Epidemic are the mad men behind this fiasco.  And… for all those 21+… there is an epic after party at the Ace Hotel featuring Daily Dares of The Ghost Channel (promised to play Justin Beiber’s entire album!!! jk) and NO AGE!!!! Pretty bad ass, yo.  Pretty bad ass…

2.  Art Galleries a Go Go. Man oh man, with great happiness I tell you that there are a ton of cool art shows going on this weekend here in the Coachella Valley.  It’s so exciting!  From Palm Springs, to Palm Desert, to Indio… it’s covered!!!  Will be sharing all with you very shortly… so stay tuned in.

3.  Date Farmers!! Just yesterday I was able to be one of the few people in the entire world to get a ultra exclusive, super rare, sneak peak at the new Date Farmer show at the Ace Gallery on Wishire Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA!  It just about took my breath away.  It’s truly something to be in love with and proud of.  I guess the sense of pride comes from the fact that they are Coachella Valley artists and a lot of The Coachella Valley Art Scene followers have seen them rise and develop at a fast pace over these past two years.  I dunno about you guys – but I am all about these dudes.  Stay tuned on the official Coachella Valley Art Scene press release and invite!

4.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous.  This weekend almost gets out-shined by Wednesday and Thursday night of this week – almost.  If The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha weren’t involved in the Dec 4th Skateboard Competition then maybe it would.  Haha.  Just kidding.  This Wednesday night is going to be pretty rad regardless.  Make sure to stay tuned in to get the 411.

5.  Yummy. No denying that this Sunday you will be able to find me at the Tamale Fest!  The Tamale Fest in Indio is my second favorite festival that the City of Festivals hosts in a year… first one being, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – DUH!!!  Anyways, all joking aside, especially since the Tamale Festival is serious business, it’s going to be delicious!  And, you never know, I just might blog about all the joys of Strawberry Tamales.

6.  Vital Green in your Scene.  I just got a piece of vital information about the land we like to frolick in via the Coachella Valley Green Scene and I feel compelled to share it all with you.  So, brace yo self!

7.  Explorations of the Desert: Chillaxin. What is the Coachella Valley most loved, known, and appreciated for???  Maxin’ and chillaxin!  This week we explore some people who like to max and chillax in the desert – and we can’t blame them.

8.  Recaps of Happs from the Past. Typically, a post like this consists of me recaping events that I have thrown.  but, we are really going to mix it up this week, shake things up a bit.  This week I am going to show you some events that went down in the desert years ago.  So many years ago that I wasn’t able to be involved because I was too young – but, maybe you were???  This shall be interesting…. and hopefully inspirational to some of you community organizers and event coordinators out there.

9.  Commercial Break!! Car shows, shows with no cars, and sometimes at bars.  As randoms and weird as it sounds is as random and weird as it is.  ?????.  Yeah, I know.

10.  Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ppppssssssstttttt!!!!  The Growlers are coming to town next week – so get ready!  Just a fair warning.  And, okay, besides the fact that the main singer is super cute – they are a great band.  Especially when everything gets all blurry, and sparkly, and …. oh, whoops… that’s just me swooning.  Okay, no, really, they are playing next Thursday at a new dive bar in town, Krazy 8’s, with one of my favorite local bands, Slipping Into Darkness.  You should already know how kkkkkkrraaazzzyyy this is going to be.

11.  Things 2 Do Thursday. Speaking of gigs going down in bars… this week we are jam packed with radness, exciteness, awesomeness, and bad assery!!!  Come back on Thursday to get your mind blown and scheudle penciled in.