So, here we are blogging from Ace Gallery on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.  We are inside the hhhuuuugggeeee gallery space that is soon to open it’s doors to the public this Saturday, from 8:00pm – 10:00pm.  The walls, which are long and wide and tower above us, have never been any other color than white in the 40+ years of being in operation… however, once the Date Farmers set foot in here everything changed.

In typical Date Farmer fashion, they converted a once stuffy gallery into a space that now it’s more like a warm and cozy mansion.  The Date Farmer pieces are big and bold, mind you, bigger and bolder than ever you’ve ever seen before.  There are 3 hallways, 3 large space rooms and 1 room that features two interactive installations.

It’s a sight to see. Especially, since I know I have some readers to this blog who have been supporting us since day one and coming out to the Date Farmer Art Studios parties in Old Town Indio since way back when.  We all be crammed inside their tiny gallery space about the size of an average apartment-sized living room.  To see the progress they’ve made, the work double in size, deeper in content, and now in the big leagues… it’s pretty rad.

So, enough with the mushy-gushy stuff, let’s get down to facts and proof and take you on a sneak-peak-walkthrough of Ace Gallery!!

First things first, you walk up to Ace Gallery off Wilshire Blvd. to enter a glass door.  Then, you get in this old school elevator with a door man that has been a door man for more than 30 years.  After kind of awkward, but interesting, conversation he then opens the doors to the next dimension…

This is the first hallway that welcomes you in to the show.

I turned around when I got to the end and took another photo.

Then, after you go through that entrance at the hallway, you see this next one.  That piece at the very end is probably double my height, just to give you some perspective.

Went to the end of the hallway and turned around.  See those two open doorways?  Those lead into some other huge spaces… let’s check it out:

Check out the depth in this.  There are like 3 rooms in one!  And each of those rooms are big in size.  These photos just don’t give it justice.

Here you can see the second room, again with three large rooms, all filled with art.

Here is a photo that I took inside the middle room of the three rooms.  Is this all making sense??  I get lost from time to time too… trippy!

Featured in this photo is a third hallway that leads to a room that features two interactive art installations aka the bar aka Paraiso…

Okay, well that is all I am going to let you see for now, which isn’t much, which is on purpose and for a reason.  Why?  Because you really need to come to the show in real life and experience it for yourself.  My two year old Kodak digital camera certainly doesn’t do it justice.

Here is the event info.  Remember, kiddos: it’s all ages!  So bring the whole gang:




TEL 323.935.4411 · FAX 323.202.1082 · WWW.ACEGALLERY.NET

For further information and visuals please contact Ace Gallery Los Angeles at 323.935.4411 or email

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM