Some weekends, it’s all about the rock scene.  Other weekends, it’s straight DJs and electronic music.  But, this weekend, this weekend is all about Hip Hop.

Don’t look too surprised, the desert’s Hip Hop scene is nothing new.  No, no, no.  In fact, the scene has been going long and strong since the 1980’s.  It’s just been under the radar, for the most part.  The screen cap that is featured above this text is of a Youtube video provided by filmmaker/documentarian, inthemix2006yo, has proof of that.  The music videos and film projects that inthemix2006yo has uploaded to Youtube capture such a raw, timeless, familiar time in hip hop that also infuses and celebrates his hometown, Palm Springs.  A majority of his work was done in the mid-late 1990’s – a decade in Hip Hop that just … well… excites me.  I am sure you know what I mean by that…

Other things that excite me and are sure to excite you this weekend are…


You know what it is!  It’s the wild and crazy kids from Desert Hot Springs (Slipping Into Darkness) have teamed up with the wild and crazy kids from Orange County (The Growlers) to put on one hell of a rock show featuring other crazy kids that go by the name of War Drum (Palm Springs) and The Lovely Bad Things (Los Angeles).  If you know what’s good for you then you know it’s a heavy dosage of desert rock ‘n roll straight to the dome.  Don’t be afraid to lose yourself.

Um… when we talk about desert Hip Hop history, there is no way what-so-ever to not bring up DJ Day.  The man is really doing it, and has done, and will continue to keep going.  In between being on tour with People Under the Stairs, DJ Day is going to be rocking tonight at his weekly party in Palm Springs that has really been holding down the scene for a while now and building community back up.  Reunion – get it?!


Okay, okay, okay… I know, I know… I said this weekend is all about Hip Hop, but what do we have here??… A rock show!  This is because The Date Shed is this new, super cool venue that is located on the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, CA has cracked opened it’s doors and looks to be welcoming everyone of every scene of every genre into the place.  We can definitely get down with that!  Make sure to go check it out.

Open Bar, all proceeds go to Toys for Tots, clothes, tattoos… and the show is called Recession Proof??  Sweet.  $10 donation gets you in where you fit in.

Howie Pyro is a rock star, and every Friday at the Ace Hotel he spins 45’s.  Need I say more?

So… I’m kinda not supposed to write about this, as it is somewhat of a secret show, however, I thought it would be nice if I opened the invitation to all who are interested in this kinda of music and who would seeing this + more somewhere cozy… somewhere that smells like tangerines… somewhere in Palm Springs… that somewhat involves Racquets.  The guy in this video is the guy who will be playing, his name is Kevin Greenspon, and if you are still reading this then maybe you are interested enough to go find out what I’m talking about?…


You already know what it is.  It’s The Date Farmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys will be smashing a solo exhibit in a 15,000 sq ft art gallery on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, California called Ace Gallery.  And just in case you questioned me, yes, I meant to say 15,000.  The show starts at 8:00pm, has complimentary Casa Dragones sipping tequilla with sounds brought to you by DJ Alf Alpha… so, it’s a little hazy when the party will actually end.  8:00pm till infinity!  Location:


And don’t forget that there is a place online where you can organize carpool trips!!!  check it out:!!

We really hope to see you there!  It’s a big night!

Then… what do you know, as fate will have it… DJ Day will be DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the Date Farmers show at the El Rey that same night!!!  DJ Day is currently on tour with People Under the Stairs and will be rocking the decks on what I can assume is an already sol out show, or soon to be.  PUTS is so dope – I can’t imagine it any other way.  The combo is dynamo.  Come check out Date Farmer art from 8pm-10pm, then, walk across the cross walk and into line at the El Rey!  It’s almost too good to be true.

I just notices that the flyer say, “Bigger than Hip Hop.”  It’s bigger than hhiiiiiip hooooop , hiiiiiiip hoooooop…. one of my favorite Dead Prez songs of all time.  And that song is probably on my hmm…. top 10?  Top 20?  I hate categories, lists, stats…. guess that’s why I joined the Arts.  Anyways – any show that says it’s bigger than Hip Hop probably is.. so, go check it out.

I’ve been following Mickey Pow for some time now.  Approximately two years.  I really dig his Youtubes, his tracks that are all about the desert lifestyle of living and the dude’s super sick Palm Springs tattoos that are very dominant on his arms.  Representing!  All geeking-out aside, the show is called Gift Wrap and  consider it an early Christmas present from the long time homies over at Sik Em and All Out Sounds.

Stronghold has been steady chiefing for about 2 years now?  Am I right?  That long?  Well, all I know is that whenever I have gone to a Stronghold party (seems like a long time ago I went to the very first ones) it’s always a guaranteed good time.  It’s always cracking nd I always run into like a million friends.  Good spirits indeed.  And, wait – who is that?!? DJ Day!!  That man is unstoppable right now.  But don’t sleep on the three other resident DJs that are 760 based as well: DJ Journee, Dash Eye and DJ Charles.


And after all that is said and done, take Sunday off to relax from all the super intense shows you’ve been attending the past couple days.  Nothing better than listening to Victor Rodriguez while dipping your toes in the jacuzzi and sipping a stiff one.  Cheers to life and good company!

Thank you all who keep supporting the Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We have been busy with our day job lately, so we’ve been having a hard time keeping up to speed with posting every day.  However, this is our passion and we will always find time.  So, thank you for all who have not only been positive, but also patient!  We appreciate it!  Please email me with any questions or comments: thecoachellavalleyartscene  Thanks!