Welcome back!  This weekend was so amazing.  One of those super amazing kind of weekends where like… the whole next week you can’t write well, you can’t talk well, and you certainly can’t do your day job well.  All that fun is just building up in the back of your head,it stays on your mind, and it’s hard to think about anything else.  Kinda like bad sinus allergies, except, you know… not in the front of your head and you don’t want anything to leave.

This week we cherish our good memories and great mood the entire week.  We start the week of by recapping the Epidemic Skate Contest (which boosted our good mood starting last week!) and we end somewhere around the Date Farmers Art Opening at Ace Gallery on Wilshire in Los Angeles (which was the highlight and peak of this weekend) Recap somewhere later in the week.

We got all sorts of good things coming for 2011… but, here’s present day news:

1.  Date Farmer’s Opening Reception at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles.  They did it!!  The show was such as success.  A packed house indeed.  The vibe was incredible, and the night ended in typical Date Farmer (+ Alf Alpha) fashion… with a dance party.  Nothing like dancing in a high end fine art gallery!  That’s for sure.  In the 30+ years of the Ace Gallery being in business I don’t think there’s ever been a party like that.  So rad!  recap coming later – currently trying to dig up all the good photos on the Internet.

2.  Epidemic Skateboard Competition Recap. Not this weekend, but last, the kids over at Epidemic had a super sick skate contest.  I’ve been waiting for some videos to leak on the Internet, but I think I’ll just add them later into the post when they are done and then re-alert you all of the new schtuff.  So, in the meantime it’s just going to be photos and text.

3.  An Official Farewell to J Dee’s. An end to an era.  This week we recap on all the great memories from J Dee’s Landing… all the drama… all the drunks… all the fun… everything your local dive should be.  Sigh….

4.  Desert Rock at the IPAC. As one venue closes, another opens.  Such is life!  This Sunday evening is the Desert Rock at the IPAc headlining desert rock super legend… Fatso Jetson!  This week we give a little back story on who and what and where and why and all that all about Fasto Jetson!  If you don’t know about them – now is the time to do your research, kiddos!

5.  Get Outta Town: South Africa. The Palm Springs Art Museum opens their doors back up to all you all this Thursday evening.  A free film created by South African film director and based in South Africa – you can’t go wrong!  Swing on by to pick up your weekly dose of world wide wisdom and culture.

6.   Holiday Art Hop 29. Holiday Art Hop 29 is going down this weekend!  It’s a pop up shop in the High Desert that features all sorts of cool artists.  Need to get some last minute shopping in but don’t want to spend it at a big corporation and want to support your local artists??…. Well, look no further!  Plus, we will give you info on a great pit stop pop up shop, H40, in Desert Hot Springs as well!!  I love pop up shops.

7.  XXXMas + Heebonism with The Coachella Valley Art Scene and DJ Alf Alpha. Speaking of holiday shopping…. the big holiday is almost here!  Have no fear… The CVAS Blog and Alf Alpha are teaming up to satify the good/bad girl/boy in all of you with our XXXmas party!  It’s all going down at the Ace Hotel on Christmas Night!!!  DJ Alf Alpha on the one’s and two’s, The Coachella Valley Art Scene on the craft table.  Ho ho ho!!!

8.  Randoms. Who the heck knows what will pop up on the Internet.  Everyday I get bombarded with coolness going down in the desert.  Keep an eye out!  The best things are free… and the unknown.

9.  Commercial Break. Rock shows, skate videos, and all things retro.  It’s what the desert is all about – in a nutshell.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Even though one of our favorite venues is closing down, the scene lives on… and strong.  This weekend is dedicated and  in memory of J Dee’s!!!