Before you run out that door to buy Little Sally or Little Johnny that stuffed toy from Target – stop and think!  It’s better to buy a different stuffed toy that is not only unique, but also one that benefits your local economy!  Just take a look at the dollar breakdown image above.  It shows you where your $100 spent locally goes, and where your $100 spent at a big corporation goes.  Now, where are you gonna go?

This weekend make sure to visit these two super cute little Pop Up Shops!  One is in the High Desert (29 Palms) and the other is in Desert Hot Springs.  Now don’t go moaning and groaning…. when was the last time you were really in DHS?!?!  I grew up there… and look at me, I survived.  And you must have too if you are still alive to read this.  Point blank, DHS has the best finds ever.  You know why?  Because nobody goes up there.  So, if you are really looking for that super cute, adorable, amazing, locally sold product…. then look no further!

Super cute, hand crafted and found goods:

You have to know about Joshua Tree.  I mean, everyone in LA does, let’s hope that even the locals know this is where all the desert gems are.  If you’re looking for original, this is the best place to look in the desert.

Friday, Dec. 17th from Noon to 8pm, for the Holiday Art Hop in Twentynine Palms – 73519 29 Palms Hwy – next to Wondergarden Cafe.  Here is a great opportunity to buy special gifts for the Holiday Season from local artists.  And 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Mojave Desert Land Trust.

also… don’t you dare forget about the super cute Pop Up Shop called Space H40 (in Desert Hot Springs)!

check it out…

Angela and Maya run this one.  Look at all their super cute finds and crafts!  Palm Springs, I see you getting jealous!  Especially after you check out these price tags.  Read it and weep!

So, the choice s yours.

Make a good one!

Hope everyone had/have a great Holiday Season!