Possessed to party.

Did you know that Palm Springs is punk as fuck?!?

Okay, maybe a little ‘punk as fuck’ mixed in with a little retro.  Same difference, right?  Anyways, last weekend was all about Hip Hop here in the Coachella Valley and this weekend is all about dirty rock n’ roll music!  And when we talk about dirty, we mean dirty… I mean, damn, we are from the desert.  So, when I say dirty Rock n’ Roll I am talking about that one sound that makes you just wanna bang your head back and forth, let your hair free, let your body move, and occasionally push the dude next to you.  That’s passion, baby.  That’s that dirty that we all can’t deny.  And as much as it it dirty, it’s equally sexy.  Desert sexy.

This weekend there is no punking around, so get punking to it!!!!!:


Looky looky what we have here…. a pretty cool rock show featuring some of the desert’s super duper indie bands.  The long time Coachella Valley Art Scene supporter, Andy Lara, is in the band Virtue Oso… so make sure to get there early to support him!  He’s is pretty rad.

Well, it’s DJ Day’s weekly called Reunion, however, DJ Day is a superstar DJ and on a world tour at the moment.  So, leave a message at the beep.  Just kidding, the show must go on!  DJ Aimlo takes the reigns tonight.  Someone go make sure he doesn’t get too slizzered!  😉


No doubt about it, Soul Opus, brings good vibes and a nice crowd wherever they go.  This Friday, when you go to support Soul Opus your $$$ will be going towards the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.  Give a little even if you don’t got a lot.

Also in Indio, at the new venue The Date Shed, fellow reggae band Revol Concept will be performing along with John Stanley King and Odyssey 9.  Date Shed is a super sick venue, so if you haven’t checked it out, then this Friday would be a good time.


An evening of art, music, and poetry?!?!  Look no further, sign me up.  Plus… it’s ALL AGES and it’s FREE!  Starts at 7:30 so you know you better show up early!!  It’s going to be a fun one!  p.s. Eric Erlandson of Hole is going to be there…. heelllooooo…

If art, music and poetry aren’t your thing (strange, because this is an arts blog), then make sure to the locally organized, the 12 Pubs of Xmas.  This is being put together by the same crazy kids that put on the Snuggie Pub Crawl during Thanksgiving!  Gotta love it!

If you’re more of an Indio type of boy/girl, or punk rock type of boy/girl, then you’ll most likely find all of your friends here at the Date Shed’s super official punk rock party!  Foot Village + Los Mumblers played on the same bill on this exact date last year at the Something From Nothing party in Indio… funny how life is like that.

And if you wanna do something kinda electronic-y and far out there… then make sure to hit up this party in Thermal.


Desert Rock at the IPAC… some legendary desert rock stars come back to smash it!  Word is a food truck is going to be outside too.  Double wammy.

Hey check it out…. new band in town, Campaigning for Zeros.  Hopefully they mean all the zeros that go behind the “$1” sign… for example $100,000,000,000.00.  I’m campaigning for those kinds of zeros too.  Scheck zem out.


Next Saturday come share your holiday cheer with The Coachella valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha at our official Holiday Christmas party!  And you know how we get down… Alf Alpha spins nothing but the dance beats on vinyl and The Coachella Valley Art Scene brings the craft booth for all those who want to take a little break!  The party is FREE!  and 18+!  Come on down to the Amigo Room!

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