Oh these grey clouds… oh what shall we do?  We are desert babies.

Without the big blue skies, astounding sunsets, and “chilly” Winter temperatures… I have to admit I am a little lost.   I always like the rain for like the first two days, and then after that I just want out.  It’s good in thought, I suppose.  But, in reality, it just doesn’t bring out the best that the desert has to offer and because of that… I find it hard to enjoy at times.

Since I am sounding so much like a stereotypical “desert rat” right now, I will just stop while I am ahead and carry on with what is going down in the desert and on the blog this week.  Looks like I’m not the only one who is a little down about the dark skies…. it’s a slow week here in term of activities.  Oh, and Santa will be in town on Christmas, let’s not forget that.

1.  The Date Farmer Ace Gallery Recap. The recap will feature quotes from other blog posts, photos and two special guest writer series from Kylie Knight and Ryan Cartwright!  Where as other art blogs and critics across the nation looked at the Date Farmer show from an outsider’s opinion, we look at it from a very personal perspective.  Art reviews are from the heart… A great feature to look forward to!

2.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous. Word buzzing on the streets is that Ghost channel pulled out of the Ace Hotel contract with their weekly Lucha Libre punk/rock shows, which is a total bummer, however the show must go on.  Space 120 is still booking local acts and pulling crowds to their Wednesday nights.  It’s getting more and more experimental than ever before… and you know what?  We dig it!

3.  The World Famous Christmas Party Edition!  This SATURDAY NIGHT! It’s the Coachella Valley Art Scene and DJ Alf Alpha’s official Christmas party!  And this isn’t your standard celebration for your corporate office – nope – this means leave your starchy pants and itchy black cocktail dress at home.  Come as you are, or as you want to come.  Wear your ugly Christmas sweater – or don’t.  Just one thing is certain… come prepared to dance and craft… because that’s what we do best.  It’s a free event, so bring your whole family.

4. IPAC’s Desert Rock Series Recap.   This past Sunday was really interesting at the IPAC.  I really felt like the generation before my generation (the generator generation, shall we call it?) was represented.  It was quite interesting to listen to what that era sounded like, to grasp the amount of energy they had/have and to think about what the desert was really like way back then… before the big boom, before all the big corporations, before all this track housing.  This week I explore the generator generation, from an outsider’s perspective…. way it has always seemed to be celebrated.  And, I also discuss what could be next for the Desert Rock Series?!?!  If we already did present, and this past Sunday we explored the past… could we be looking into the future next?  Hmmm….

5.  The Cool Factor. Bbbrrrrrrr…….. Nothing like some good humor  and a room full of people laughing to really get people in the ‘holiday spirit’.  Because, you know, in the end it’s not all about presents… it’s about laughter, family, and appreciating everything you got.  Well, this week we got some amazing local, young improv comedians performing at Space 120 on Thursday night.  Tickets are going quick, so make sure to check for the post later today to get more info!

6.  Explorations of the Desert. This week we pull from all of our Social Networks to find some of the most interesting/captivating images out there.  You guys are the true artists, we… we are just the bloggers.

7.  Commercial Break. What do we miss the most when there is weather like this?  Skating.  This week we post some of the most recent skate videos to come out of the desert… and for some reason they are really comedic.

8.  Randoms. You just never know what the wind will blow in to the CVAS headquarter’s office!  So make sure to keep an eye out!

9.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. It’s raining… it’s pouring… but it sure isn’t boring!  There are a million things to do this weekend, but there are some cool stuff going down.  We make sure you are well informed, it would be embarrassing to take the family to something lame, we wouldn’t do that to ya.